Dragon Training

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Dragon Training.png Dragon Training
Dragon Training Info.gif
Type: Passive Skill
Levels: 5
Mount: Dragon
(Knight) Cavalier Mastery Lv. 1

Dragon Training (Alt: Dragon Training) is a 3rd class passive skill available as Rune Knight.


When mounted on a dragon, this skill increases Weight Limit, affects the damage of Dragon Breath, allows Spear class weapons to ignore the size modifiers and increases their attack power. However, decreases the attack speed unless the user has mastered this skill.

Level Weight Limit Bonus Damage Bonus ASPD Penalty
1 700 0% 20%
2 900 5% 15%
3 1,100 10% 10%
4 1,300 15% 5%
5 1,500 20% 0%


  • Rune Knights can rent Dragons in front of Prontera Tool Shop prontera130213, speak to the Riding Creature Master to rent them.