Dragon Knight Job Change Guide

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Dragon Knight Job Change Guide
Base Level: 200
Job Level: 70
Job Class: Rune Knight
Item(s): 490087.png Hourglass Necklace
Quest Reward(s): Job Change to Dragon Knight

First Step - The trial of the Life Force

  1. Go to Geffen Field08 gef_fild0854101 and speak with Oscar. To start the job change quest, you must be the party leader.
    Gef fild08.png Oscar.png
  2. After teleporting into Abyss Lake, choose the option I'm ready! to start the trial.
  3. Follow the road and speak with each Dragon Egg along the way. Select Start to help each Dragon Egg to recover. Each attempt at recovery will consume a percentage of HP and SP from your character until you are out of HP/SP or the Dragon Egg recovers. Each attempt made is random. You will need to recover 7 Dragon Eggs. If you run out of HP and SP, you can use recovery items or activate the skill Relax.
    Dragon egg.png

Second Step - The trial of being a Protector

  1. You will be teleported back to Oscar. Speak with him to start the second trial.
  2. In this trial you will be forced to guide golden acidus through the fountain of life 10 times.
    Healing crystal.png
  3. At each fountain of life, a Bone Acidus will spawn and must be killed. Once killed, you will need to aggro the Golden Acidus and bring it to the fountain. Do not kill the Golden Acidus or you will have to start the trial from second part again.
    Bone acidus.png
Important: Follow the order of fountains or else the next one won't spawn. If you fail too many times, you will no longer need to kill Bone Acidus, but you will still need to bring the Golden Acidus with you.

Third Step - The trial of the Strength

  1. A new NPC, Letizia, will appear. Speak with her to start the trial of the Strength.
  2. In this trial you need to kill 50 Letizia's Soldiers (Bone Ferus) in under 5 minutes.
    Bone ferus.png

Fourth step - The trial of the Patience

  1. After finishing the third trial, you are once again teleported to Letizia. Speak with her to start the final trial.
  2. In this trial you will fight with Letizia in her dragon form (MVP Detardeurus) and you need to get her HP to 91%. She will have a Green Aura, so all incoming damage will be reduced by 90%.
  3. Once her HP is at 91%, you will be teleported back to Letizia. Speak with her to teleport back to Geffen Field08.
  4. Remove your mount in the equipment window before speaking with Letizia and choose the option Yes to become a Dragon Knight.
  5. Congratulations! You are now a Dragon Knight.
  6. As a bonus, you will receive an Hourglass Necklace.
  7. If you want your new mount, go to the Behemoth Manager in Prontera prontera132211.
    Behemoth manager.png