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Training Grounds

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The Novice Training Grounds is a facility of which all new characters are sent to as a Novice. It contains many tutorials, free EXP and items to new players. Most people choose to stay in them until Job Level 10, when they can turn into first classes/expanded classes. The training grounds has 4 original maps, and 6 maps that are identical except for the monsters they hold. The training grounds has no Kafra storage or Mail service, and thus no way to receive items from outside the grounds. The training grounds has many areas that are normally inaccessible, but are accessible via Fly Wings. Once the player leaves the training grounds, it is impossible to return.

  • Note: Training Grounds are no longer accessible in iRO. Instead, new players can learn the basics of the game at Royal Criatura Academy in Izlude. A small guide can be found below, while an exhaustive one was written in WarpPortal's forums (here)


1. Speak to Captain Carocc.

2. Go south and exit through the portal.

3. Speak to Captain Carocc again.

4. Speak to Criatura Academy staff (122,207)

5. Use Apple Juice

6. Speak to Criatura Academy staff again. Receive some EXP and 30 Novice Potion. Choose any option.

Optional: Increase AGI
1a. Go north and speak to Increase Agi Aco (127,229) Choose "Yes please."
Optional Quest: Play Dead Quest
1b. Speak to Instructor Argos (140,260) Choose "I want to learn it!"
2b. Wait at least 20 seconds and speak to him again. Receive the Play Dead skill.

7. Go north and enter the portals at (128,255).

8. Speak to Academy receptionist (100,39) and choose "Register for the Academy." Receive some EXP, 300 Novice Potion, Novice equipment, and Criatura Hair Coupon.

9. Talk to Late Student (103,42)

10. Speak to Lil Oldman (101, 46) and he'll tell you to speak to different instructors.