Malangdo Island

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Malangdo Island
Base Level: 60
Item(s) (Consumed): 30 Delicious Jelly
Item(s): 400 E Class Coin and 20 Malangdo SP Can
Quest Reward(s): Access to Yggdrasil Berry Gathering past step 6

1. Find and speak to the cat named Dolangmal, located in major cities. You will be told to find Admiral Tomas and be teleported to Malangdo.

2. Find the ship (Navi) in the center of the island and enter it. malangdo162163. Enter the first portal midway down the stairs to find Tomas and his aide.

3. Talk to Tomas mal_in022262, telling him that you were sent by another cat, and he will tell you to attend the village meeting.

  • Exit the captain's room and follow the hallway to the portal at the end to enter the mess hall.

4. Talk to the President of Meeting mal_in0218261, and then to the other cats as directed.

  • After speaking to all the cats, talk to Brie mal_in0218155 again and you will be asked to help his father Rican.
President.png Brie.png

5. Enter the top-most hut on the left-side of the island, and follow the stairs down until you find Rican mal_in01114169.

  • He will ask you to dig up 30 Yggdrasil berries.

6. Talk to the Suspicious Sand Piles located around the island until you have collected 30 Fresh Fruit.

  • When talking to the piles, there is a low chance you will obtain a fruit, and the pile will disappear for 30 seconds.
  • Note: There are also two "Strange Pile of Sand", but these are for Clean the Ship (repeatable) quest.
Suspicious Sand Pile locations
malangdo116196 Pile-Of-Sand.png

7. After collecting 30 Fresh Fruit, return to Rican, who will tell you to put the fruit in the machine beside him.

  • He will reward you with 20 E Class Coin and tell you to go back to the meeting.

8. Return to the meeting in the Navi's mess hall and talk to the cats. You will be directed to Geologist Mali mal_in0217957, who asks you to aid in repairing cracks on the island and tells you to speak to Bob.


9. Talk to Bob mal_in0214094, who is in the room just outside the mess hall, through the portal above. He supplies a Fixing Kit and asks that you repair several cracks on the island.


10. Find and repair Cracks on Malangdo by using mixture then stapling, until you're prompted to return to Bob.

  • Note: There's a chance when you talk to a crack that you will be warped to a random spot in the dungeon.
Crack Locations

11. Return to Bob, who will direct you back to Geologist Mali in the mess hall.

12. Talk to the Linguist Devore mal_in021746. He asks you to research the starfish.


13. Head to the dungeon located at the left-most paw of the island. Inside, find the large Starfish structure near the center of the map.

  • At it's bottom-right corner will be Star Child and Biscuit mal_dun01136122. Talk to Star Child and Biscuit will interject with its story.

14. Return to Linguist Devore in the mess hall. He asks that you lead him to Star Child and Biscuit.

15. Return to Star Child and Biscuit and speak to it. Linguist Devore will appear and realize his mistake regarding their languages, and tells you to talk to Star Child and Biscuit again.

16. Go through the dialogue options with Biscuit. After which, it will ask you to find 30 Delicious Jelly, which is dropped by the Siorava monsters in the dungeon.

17. After returning to Star Child and Biscuit with the jellies, it will exclaim that Star Child is in trouble and ask you to obtain a bucket and brush.

  • These items can be obtained from the Cleaning Staff, located in the top-center room in the Navi ship's hallway. (Pick up one Brush and 30 to 40 Buckets.)

18. Return to Star Child and Biscuit, who tells you that you can obtain good water at a spot on the east side of Malangdo, and also tells you to clean Star Child, starting with the right-most arm and moving counter-clockwise.

19. Leave the dungeon and head to the right side of the island. Find the Tube structures malangdo240184 in the water.

  • Click on the 1st Rate Point enough times to fill most of your buckets with water, but leave 5 to 10 buckets empty.

20. Return to Star Child and Biscuit. Head up and right slightly. Click near the tip of the starfish arm, named Dry Skin, and apply water then brush. Repeat until it says the skin is soft. Proceed counter-clockwise around the starfish to Prickly Skin, Chapped Skin, and Hard Skin, repeating the process for each.

  • Note: If you have no empty buckets, some of the arms may give you a dialogue saying you pour water on them, but then abort without doing anything else. If this happens, go back to Cleaning Staff and obtain some buckets, but don't put water in them.

21. After the Hard Skin says it's soft, return to Star Child and Biscuit. He thanks you and gives you 20 Malangdo SP Can and 100 E Class Coin.

22. Return to Linguist Devore in the mess hall. He asks you to report back to Tomas and gives you 30 E Class Coin.

23. Talk to Tomas back in the captain's room. He awards you with 30 E Class Coin.

24. Talk to Pipielle malangdo137199 in the west side of the island , who will have a new dialogue option regarding Tomas.

  • After telling him that Tomas is a friendly person, he gives you 200 E Class Coin.