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Laphine Craftsman

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Laphine Craftsman
Base Level: 70
Item(s) (Consumed): 15 Crystalized Teardrop, 15 Fluorescent Liquid
Quest Prerequisite(s): Started Two Tribes (access to Yggdrasil Dungeon)
Base Experience: 30,000
Job Experience: 30,000
Item(s): 3 Splendide Coin
  1. In Splendide, go inside the building at splendide198238, and speak to the Laphine spl_in0197313. She asks you to bring her 15 Crystalized Teardrop and 15 Fluorescent Liquid.
  2. Return for 30,000 Base EXP, 30,000 Job EXP, and 3 Splendide Coin.