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Alfheim Perfume

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Alfheim Perfume
Base Level: None
Quest Prerequisite(s): Ring of the Wise King
Job Experience: 70,000
Item(s): 6081.png 3 Splendide Coins
  1. In Splendide, speak to High Laphine Grenouille spl_in0130324. She asks you to bring her a seed for a Flower of Alfheim.
  2. Speak to the Middle-ranked Laphine inside a hut at splendide284228, she will give you a Sprout.
  3. Place the Sprout on any of the purifiers around the perimeter of the center of the village. You will receive Flower of Alfheim.
    • splendide262262
    • splendide262187
    • splendide16482
    • splendide171116
    • splendide160265
    • splendide134280
  4. Return to Grenouille and give her the flower. Keep talking to her until she makes Spirit of Alfheim out of it and asks you to take it to five exhausted soldiers.
  • After you use perfume on an Exhausted Soldier, the NPC disappears and will return after one minute.
    • splendide205139
    • splendide196153
    • splendide181135
    • splendide139178
    • splendide164188
    • splendide177257
  1. Return to Grenouille.