Ultimate Spellbooks Quest

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Ultimate Spellbooks Quest
Base Level: 140
Job Class: Warlock
Skill Requirements: (Comet and/or Tetra Vortex), Release, and Reading Spellbook
Item(s) (Consumed): 40+ Burning Hearts and/or (10+ Jubilee, 10+ Live Coals, 10+ Glacial Hearts, 10+ Denture from Dragon Mask)
Item(s) (Not Consumed): 2782.png Ring of the Ancient Wise King (Equipped)
Zeny: 1,000,000 per Spellbook
Quest Prerequisite(s): Sapha's Visit
Item(s): Spellbook (Comet) and/or Spellbook (Tetra Vortex)
  1. In the Mage Guild in Geffen, ask Lea geffen_in175112 about obtaining the Ultimate Books. She tells you to talk to Velof next to her instead.
  2. Velof says not much is known about them, but to ask his brother, Galfos.
  3. Journey to the Midgard Camp in the New World, and talk to Galfos near the eastern bridge mid_camp255244. He tells you he can create the book with some information from the El Dicastes archives.
  4. Visit the Archive Room in the Diel dicastes02120235 and examine the Mysterious Documents along the left wall. The player must have the Ring of the Ancient Wise King equipped to be able to read the Mysterious Documents.
  5. Continue speaking to the documents until you receive instructions telling you to head to:
    • Note: If you get the "Dizziness" quest entry before receiving one or more of the entries below in your log, you must wait the 6 hours to try again. Each entry for the desired spellbook must be obtained in order to unlock that location.
    • Note: Each of these areas has a chance to consume the required items without succeeding; bring several sets.
  6. If you want comet spellbook you only need to complete 1 entries, if you want to make Tetra Vortex you have to complete 4 elemental entries.
  7. Return to Galfos, who says he has enough information to create the book(s) you need, although he needs 1,000,000 Zeny per book to complete the task. Pay him, and he will deliver your book(s) to you. If you lose the book in the future (or simply want another copy to trade or sell) come back to Galfos without the book you want in your inventory, and he will make another for you for another 1,000,000 Zeny. There is no limit to the amount you can make.
    • Note: Although Galfos only requires 1,000,000 Zeny to make the Spellbooks, players will need 1,000,001 - else he will state you do not have enough money.
  • Warning: Players who skill reset must obtain the same skills listed in the infobox in order to obtain the Spellbooks. Galfos will not speak to you if you do not have at least Release, Reading Spellbook, and Tetra Vortex or Comet.