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Base Level: 140
Quest Prerequisite(s): To Phantasmagorika! Main Quest (Step 17)
Looking for the Traces
Item(s): 6828.png Gravity Safety Device

6827.png Intact Machine Component

Quest Reward(s): Access to The Last Room
  1. Proceed to the map north west of Verus Center Square (known as Lab-OPTATIO) and speak to Deu verus0122165. He asks you to investigate the device in the center of the map.
  2. Speak to Fruit verus01151173 and she'll ask you to investigate the Under Bunker.
  3. Talk to Verity verus01123181 and she'll teleport you to the Under Bunker.
  4. Speak to Mark un_bunker10096 at the entrance. He asks you to look for things worth investigating.
  5. Find Alp un_bunker363171 and choose "Investigate".
  6. Speak to Verity in this new area, then proceed to the end of the hall. Deu will bust down the locked door for you.
  7. In the next room, speak to Deu and you'll discover you're all stuck in this mysterious location. Proceed through the portal behind him, then follow the series of portals until you see a Step monster NPC. The small rooms with one bed in them are not instances because items dropped in a small room remains there to be found again if you randomly warp to that room again.
  8. Speak to the Step monster named "Weird place" and you'll be warped into another room. Keep going through the portals and talking to the "Weird place" until you see Tamarin.
  9. Speak to Tamarin and he'll give you a Gravity Safety Device and an Intact Machine Component and warp you to a new location.
  10. (Optional) To the right, you'll find Mark. Speak to him and he will grant you access to the new instance, The Last Room.