Looking for the Traces

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Looking for the Traces
Base Level: 140
Quest Prerequisite(s): To Phantasmagorika! Side Quest
Base Experience: 1,000,000
Quest Reward(s): Vestige
  1. Speak to any of the members of the gang that you rescued from the elevator in Verus verus04116220 (Mark, Deu, Tamarin, Alf, or Magi). They ask you to investigate the fountain.
  2. Click on the fountain nearby verus04115226. The gang notices that the fountain is rather new and doesn't have any residue from water. They ask that you investigate the sundries next.
  3. Click on the sundries slightly left of the fountain verus0496238. Alf notes that it also looks rather clean, indicating that perhaps the city isn't as old as they think it is. He asks you look at the tree beside it.
  4. Click on the tree northwest of the sundries verus0479249. Deu questions how the trees are able to grow if there is no sunlight and Magi doesn't think it's enchanted in any way. Deu notices something is in front of the door nearby.
  5. Click on the signboard to the left of the tree verus0463255. The gang sees a path that leads upwards to Verus Center Square, and Deu dashes off to see where it leads, and you quickly pursue after him.
  6. Move north to Verus Center Square and speak to Deu there verus034623. He asks you to check out a similar looking fountain above.
  7. Speak to the fountain north of Deu verus034464. The gang finds the city's condition disturbingly clean. Mark moves north and asks you to follow him.
  8. Speak to Mark to the north of the map verus0388237. He finds a path above him but realizes it's blocked. Tamarin goes to check it out despite Mark's warnings.
  9. Speak to Tamarin northwest of Mark verus0351256. He points out that the area past this point has been completely destroyed.
  10. Speak to Magi left of Tamarin verus0335254. She senses a current past this point that isn't alive yet is strong. The Phantasmagorika Excavation Team hasn't cleared it yet, so the gang agrees to leave it be. Receive 1,000,000 (1,500,000) Base EXP.