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Overlook Water Dungeon Quests

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The Overlook Water Dungeon is a VIP copy of the Byalan Dungeon. The monsters inside are more difficult versions of those in the original dungeon, with increased stats and higher EXP.


Dungeon Entrance

Talk to The Sign gef_fild07264286, west of Geffen to access the dungeon.

  • The dungeon is only accessible by characters between Base Levels 30 ~ 85.
    • As long as character is in that level range, they can re-enter as many times as they wish.
  • Non-VIP players can exchange two (2) Magical Stone on the character for mini-VIP to have access to the dungeon.
  • Monsters in the Overlook Dungeon are usually exempt from EXP boosting events.
  • Logging out inside the dungeon brings you back to your save point.


  • Note: These quests are not repeatable.
  • Note: The Experience is given in two roughly equal parts. (For example Base Exp for the first is given as 30,060 and 30,600 for a total of 60,660.)
Quest Board Min Level Max Level Monsters and Amounts Base EXP Reward Job EXP Reward Item Reward
Sign Board
30 85 20 Aged Plankton
20 Aged Marina
60,660 68,040 Guard [1] or Buckler [1]
Sign Board
40 Aged Vadon
40 Aged Kukre
88,695 99,900 Muffler [1] or Manteau [1]
Sign Board
60 Aged Obeaune
60 Aged Marse
155,700 174,960 2 Elunium
Sign Board
80 Aged Marc
80 Aged Phen
218,475 245,925 Rosary
Sign Board
100 Aged Strouf
100 Aged Mermen
335,340 377,190 Rosary, 2 Elunium

Final reward

After finishing all 5 levels, talk to any Sign Board again and choose one of the following Cards:
Note: Do not spam/press Enter too fast or you may pick card you do not want!
Warning: If the window is closed before a card is selected, you will be unable to receive one and must submit a support ticket to the GM Team.