Eye of the Beholder

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Eye of the Beholder
Base Level: 50
Item(s) (Consumed): None
Base Experience: 750,000 VIP / 500,000 Non-VIP
Job Experience: 562,500 VIP / 375,000 Non-VIP
Item(s): 5 Yggdrasilberry, 1 Eden Merit Badge

1. Talk to the Beholder on the deck of the international airship. He explains that his friend is having trouble and offers to teleport you directly to speak with his friend.

Beholder Eyeof-theBeholder.png

2. You will be warped into Rachel Temple to speak with Beho ra_temin268321. Find out that he has love trouble. Talk to him until you decide to speak with Bianca.

EyeoftheBeholder Beho.png
EoB NPCs.png

3. Find Bianca ra_temin301112 and speak with her.

EyeoftheBeholder Bianca.png

4. Return to Beho to tell him the results of your conversation with Bianca. Speak with him until he tells you to go talk to Kyara.

5. Find Kyara ra_temin3170 and speak with her. She will ask what her specialty dessert is, answer "White Chocolate" and she will give you a piece. Talk to her again to convince her to talk to Bianca about beholders.

EyeoftheBeholder Kyara.png

6. Speak with Beho again to give him the White Chocolate. He tells you to find a singer named Doina.

7. Find Doina ra_temin165101 and talk to her until you succeed at making a song together. She'll give you her "autograph".

EyeoftheBeholder Doina.png

8. Return to Beho again. This time he sends you to find a girl named Lilla at the Rachel Inn.

9. Go to the Rachel Inn rachel115148 and find Lilla (ra_in01 343, 130) (2nd floor). She asks you to find her missing beads so she can make you a necklace.

EyeoftheBeholder Lilla.png
  • Note: These must be found in order.
The flowerpot upstairs (ra_in01 374, 123) The flowerpot on the Rachel Inn roof rachel106168 The flowerpot in the diner (ra_in01 308, 37) The sofa in the lobby (ra_in01 388, 68)
Bead 2.jpg
Bead 3.jpg
Bead 4.jpg

10. Return to Lilla with the beads and she will make you a necklace. She advises you to make a bouquet for Bianca and send you to her friend gardener Kees.

11. Exit the inn and find Kees rachel122196. You will need to search the surrounding flowerbeds for Rose, Iris, Mimosa, and Lily.

EyeoftheBeholder Kees.jpg
  • Note: These must be found in order.
Rose in the bed just north of Kees on the left Iris in the bed just north of Kees on the right Mimosa is in front of the house south of Kees Lily is in front of the house to the northwest of the pool
EyeoftheBeholder Iris.jpg
EyeoftheBeholder mimosa.jpg
EyeoftheBeholder lily.jpg

Once you have all the flowers, speak to Kees again.

12. Return to Beho. He will give you all of his gifts for Bianca and ask you to give them to her on his behalf. He also asks you to request a blessing from the Pope first.

  • Note: Speaking with the Beholder NPC on the left side of the temple entrance ra_temple104185 you'll be warped to Beho's location (this works even if you haven't done the Rachel Sanctuary Quest).
Beholder2 Eyeof-theBeholder.png

13. Speak with the Pope ra_temin169147.

EyeoftheBeholder Pope.jpg

14. Go to Bianca and give her the gifts. The lyrics to the song are:

  • When I look in your eyes
  • I feel my heart beat strong.
  • I cried those nights
  • million of tears as in this song...

15. After giving Bianca the gifts, talk to her again and she'll agree to meet with Beho.

16. Go to the designated meeting spot (ra_temple 69, 158; to the west of the temple entrance). You may have to move around the area a bit to get them to show up. Speak with one of them to start the dialogue.

Beho and Bianca.PNG

17. Speak with them again after Bianca calls you out. You will receive 5 Yggdrasilberry, 1 Eden Merit Badge, and some exp.

  • Level 101 VIP, 750,000 base exp and 562,500 job exp.
  • Level 132 / 36 I only received 350,000 job exp, VIP.
  • Level 111 / 25 VIP received 742,500 Base / 562,500 Job Exp.
  • Level 108 / 26 VIP received 750,000 Base / 450,000 Job Exp.
  • Level 89/52 VIP received 750,000 Base / 562,500 Job Exp.
  • Level 70/50 non-VIP received 500,000 Base Exp