Shadow Item Quest

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Introduced on December 07, 2017, more quests have been added to release limited Shadow Gear sets via quests.


Shady Dealer moc_para0117350 in Eden Kitchen offer some Shadow Equipment in exchange, he will ask you to hunt a certain amount of monster and collect items.

Unfrozen Shadow Armor Set

Option Requirement(s) Random Reward
Hunt 350 Marc 24099.png Unfreezing Shadow Weapon
24090.png Stabiltiy Shadow Shield
24100.png Unfreezing Shadow Earring
24101.png Unfreezing Shadow Pendant
951.png 100 Fin
956.png 100 Gill
4105.png 1 Marc Card
Any of the Shadow Set gear
Cash Shop
6417.png 70 Silvervine Fruit


  • You can repeat this Quest but you will NOT have to hunt another 350 Marcs (if you choose the Quest route)
  • Shadow Sets are obtained from the Mysterious Bug running around the cities in Rune-Midgard
  • The type of Shadow Gear you use may or may not determine what Unfrozen Shadow gear you receive.
  • It may be efficient to create a character on a VIP or Mini VIP account and do the Overlook Water Dungeon Quests to receive a free Marc card.
  • 70 pcs. of Silvervine Fruit is equivalent to 18 pcs. of Silvervine 4 Box for a total of 720 Kafra Points