Seasonal Item Effect

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Month Item Effect During Season/Event
12135.png Green Ale
Recovers 50% of Max HP and SP.

Gear / Pet

Month Item Effect During Season/Event
19996.png Costume: Horse King
AGI +2, VIT +2
20234.png Costume: Baphomet Hat
VIT +2, DEX +2
5531.png Baby Dragon Hat
Increase EXP from Dragon Monsters by 50%.
19917.png Costume: Gloomy Pumpkin Hat
Increases movement speed.
19918.png Costume: Lude Mask
Increases self skill recovery and recovery items by 20%.
19919.png Costume: Quve Mask
Increases ATK speed by 10%.
19903.png Costume: Witch's Pumpkin Hat
Reduces casting time by 10%.
9101.png Portable cage for Scatleton
Increases the recovery rate of 579.png Fresh Fish consumables by 1031%.
9113.png Skelion Egg
Increases the recovery rate of 579.png Fresh Fish consumables by 1031%.
18671.png Rudolf Hairband
Adds a chance of casting Increase AGI while attacking. Increases the healing potency of Carrot.
5384.png Twin Pom Santa
Increases Resistance to Curse 20%, Increase atk speed by 2%, Reduces cast time by 2%, Gives Chance to drop 539.png (Piece of?) Cake, 529.png Candy, 530.png Candy Cane.
31132.png Costume: Christmas Wreath
Adds a chance of casting Level 1 Christmas Blessing on the user when receiving a physical or magical attack
19976.png Costume: Cat Santa Hat
Increases ATK speed by 10% and increases movement speed
31390.png Costume Let it Snow
Max HP + 250 for every 20 base levels.
Increases physical and magical damage on targets by 2% for every 30 base levels.
19982.png Costume: Santa Hat
MaxHP 1000, MaxSP 100, ASPD +3, Increases attack to all monster sizes by 10%, MATK +10%, Heal effectiveness +10%
31420.png Costume: Shining Santa Poring
Increases EXP by 25%, Drop Rate by 15%, Healing rate of 515.png Carrot by 100%. Enables the dropping of Carrots when defeating monsters