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VIP is a subscription system where users can get additional EXP and drops boost, and access to additional content.


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iRO offers only F2P servers, with certain additional premium content for VIP users. Kafra Shop (cash shop) items are also available to help the user out if they wish to purchase such items.

PK Servers

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iRO does not offer PK servers. However, one can choose to engage in PVP activities within the PVP arenas, and also participate in weekly guild PVP battles in War of Emperium, War of Emperium 2, or War of Emperium Training Edition.


The following is a list of all legal, official RO services throughout the world. It is provided for reference purposes only and may from time to time be out of date.

Country Colloquial Name Launch Date Servers Administrator Website
South Korea kRO 31 August 2002 6 GRAVITY Co., Ltd. [1]
Taiwan and Hong Kong twRO 2016 13 Gravity Co, Ltd. [2]
Japan jRO 1 December 2002 14 GungHo Games [3]
Thailand tRO 2016 4 Electronics Extreme Co., Ltd. [4]
(Primarily USA/Canada/India/Oceania/Philippines)
iRO 1 June 2003 2 Gravity Interactive, Inc. [5]
Indonesia idRO October 2003 4 Gravindo [6]
Brazil bRO 22 February 2005 2 Level Up! Interactive S.A. [7]
France (Europe) fRO 28 June 2007 1 WhyBe Online EMEA [8]
Europe euRO June 2019 1 Innova Co. SARL [9]
Malaysia & Singapore mysgRo 22 November 2017 1 Electronics Extreme Co., Ltd. [10]
Philippines pRO / RO PH June 2017 1 Electronics Extreme Co., Ltd. [11]


Country Subscription Servers PK Server F2P Servers Free Trial (Subscription Servers) Episode
Renewal Servers Revo Classic Servers
South Korea None None Dark Lord
Ro:Zero Mjolnir
Ro:Zero Meging
Ro:Zero Gungnir
No 18.1
Complete expansion
Second Class (2-1 & 2-2)
Hong Kong
PK Poring
None 14.3 ?
Japan None Urdr None Breidablik, Lif, Mimir, Olrun, Sigrun,
Alvitr, Hervor, Idavoll, Trudr,
Frigg, Gimle, Radgrid, Vali, Noatun
Secondary 3rd Class Outfits
Thailand Norse None Revo-Classic Hera
Revo-Classic Valhalla
Revo-Classic Jellopy
None 14.2 Transcended Classes
(Primarily USA & Canada)
None None Renewal Chaos
Renewal Thor
VIP account level for all servers 17.1
Nightmare Biolabs
Illusion of Abyss
Philippines None None Revo-Classic Valkyrie None N/A Episode 10.1
2-2 Classes
Indonesia None None Thor<ref>Previously P2P but become F2P starting August 2013, similar F2P restriction added but not as extreme as the other 2 servers have before</ref>
Renewal Valhalla
Renewal Asgard
Renewal Midgard
None 14.2
Levels 175/60 Update
Brazil Valhalla None Thor None 15.1 & 15.2
Horror Toy Factory
Hero Trails 1 & 2
Brasilis Cards
Old Glast Heim
France None None Free and Premium Accounts 15.1 & 15.2
Horror Toy Factory
Hero Trails 2 & 3
Old Glast Heim
Europe None None Free and Premium Accounts N/A Yuno
Second Class (2-1 & 2-2)
Malaysia & Singapore None None Revo-Classic Chaos None N/A Episode 4 War of Emperium
2-1 Classes

Defunct Services


cRO began service on May 20, 2003. It announced on November 1, 2011, that it would be closing down all RO service as of 12/30/2011. At the time of closing, cRO was updated to Episode 13.3 with Brasilis and Babylan 6F, and was hosted by Shanda Entertainment. At the time of the announcement, player data was not going to be preserved for a future Chinese service or transfer to an existing service.

Gravity was announced "We have signed a partnership agreement for the provision of Ragnarok with kunlun" on March 30, 2012. February 28 2013,cRO began service. <ref></ref>, and was later closed on February 19, 2016.

France (Europe)

On July 11, 2019 fRO GMs announced the end of service on August 12, 2019 on their game forums.<ref></ref> In fact, this 30-day deadline is the minimum time that Whybe Online has agreed to in its terms and conditions to inform players. GMs also stated, that Whybe Online sold the european license they were currently holding to Innova Co. SARL. This company will open a new Revo Classic server beginning with a closed beta test in early august 2019.<ref></ref>


Known as euRO, service began on April 15, 2004. It was run by BURDA Interactive Communities (BIC). Originally opening with Chaos and Loki servers, the two were merged into a single server named Odin. BIC's contract negotiations with Gravity proved difficult, with BIC unable to secure a long-term contract to the game license. In July 2010, BIC announced that due to the inability of the two parties to come to an agreement, it would be withdrawing its latest offer and would thus lose its rights to host the game. A closing date of September 30, 2010 was announced on September 8, and free access to the game was made available from September 15 until the shutdown of the game. Players were given the option to transfer their characters to fRO a few months later. The last update euRO received prior to shutting down was Episode 13.1: Ash Vacuum. euRO was notable in the fact that it never opened a true Kafra Shop item mall, instead releasing a series of Headgear Bundles. euRO was also only one of two servers at the time of its shutdown to not have a Free to Play option.


Also known as oRO, began beta service in 2004, went commercial on December 1, 2004, and closed down March 2, 2007. It was hosted by OnGameNet Pty. Ltd. Oceania had 1 main server and one free test server, Sakray; both of which were set to 1x EXP and 1x Drop rates. Players were given the opportunity to transfer to the International service (iRO, which is now the default server for Oceania), and many did accept this offer. The last update oRO recieved prior to shutting down was Episode 10.2: Lighthalzen.


Also known as ROh. The last update ROh recieved prior to shutting down was Episode 10.1: Einbroch.


Also known as inRO, began in April 2004, and closed down August 14, 2008 <ref></ref>. It was hosted by Level Up! India. inRO had 1 main server. The last update inRO recieved prior to shutting down was Episode 10.2: Lighthalzen. As of November 2009, iRO is the official server for India.


First known as vRO, beta was shut down on February 5, 2007 due to not placing more restrictions on RMT. It then went commercial in April 2007, hosted by VinaGame, Inc. It is unknown what update it was on when shut down the first time. As of August 20, 2008, the Website is still down and further information is pending. vRO by VinaGame was closed down on June 20, 2008. Asiasoft re-launched with only an F2P server called Odin on Novemeber 28, 2008, and went commercial on December 29, 2008. In late 2010, Asiasoft announced it would be ceasing service permanently in January 2011 due to an inability to reach a contractual agreement with Gravity Korea (similar to euroRO), and service was terminated on the 24th.

Middle East

Also known as aeRO. Launched by Gravity MEA in 2007-2008, the game never came out of beta. It shut down sometime during late 2008-early 2009. It's unknown what the last update it had before it closed, though it was up to at least Episode 9.0. A new middle east server, aRO, began operations in 2009 and subsequently closed in February 2013.

Malaysia & Singapore

Known as mRO, the server launched in 2003 by Game Flier Malaysia. It shut down on October 31, 2013. Shortly after celebrating their 10 year anniversary. After the closure, iRO became the new official server for the area. The last update the server received was Episode 13.3: El Dicastes.

mysgRo reopened in November 2017, under the publishing of Electronics Extreme, the same publisher as the relaunched ThRO and pRo.


Known as pRO, service began on September 2003 and was hosted by Level Up!. The management auctioned MVP cards, over upgraded items, rare headgears, and personalized godly items for real money to those who can afford it. Level Up! earned around a million pesos in each of the auction events they organized. After a series of real money auctions and bundle promos, pRO ceased service immediately on March 31, 2015, technically scamming their players before closing. Users were able to merge into a new iRO server named Thor, which opened in April 2015 with some of their items intact. Most of the items were deleted, approximately 500 accounts were wiped out, only a few characters were migrated successfully. pRO was updated to 14.1 at the time of closure.

pRO reopened in June 2017, under the publishing of Electronics Extreme, the same publisher as the relaunched ThRO.


Known as RuRO, the server opened in 2005 and was published by Mados Inc. The company changed their name to Gravity CIS in September 2006 after becoming a subsidiary of Gravity Corporation. The server closed on November 16, 2015. The server and company's website were taken down due to international economic issues <ref></ref>. The last episode for RuRO was Episode 14.2 Eclage with the level 175/60 update.


Known as ThRO, services began in March 2003, and was hosted by Asiasoft. The contract with the company ended in 2016, and the publishing rights for the area was given to Electronics Extreme, who have since opened their own servers for Thailand.

Taiwan & Hong Kong

Known as TwRO, services began on 9 October 2002, and was hosted by Game Flier. In 2016, the servers were shut down, and Gravity Co. Ltd took control of publishing for the region. Gravity has since opened their own servers for Taiwan & Hong Kong.

iRO Custom Changes


Permanent iRO Exclusive Maps

Permanent iRO Exclusive



Modified Quests

Quest Modifications
Amatsu Dungeon Entrance Quest EXP Rewards increased
God Items Quest Vastly increased EXP rewards
Addition of KVM badges in rewards
Ability to redo quest by spending a Reset Stone
Santa Claus appears in Prontera during Christmas and usually offers the ability to redo quest as one of his selectable gifts
Report from the New World 15 minute intervals instead of 30 minutes for Expedition Scouts
Lose only 5 pages instead of 10 when failing to combine pages into a volume
Veins Siblings Quest Greatly reduced item requirements (Milk, Green Herb, Jellopy) during each camel droppings collection attempt
List of iRO custom skill changes incomplete. Please help irowiki by adding more information to this list.


Class Skill Modifications
Archer Double Strafe 0.3 seconds cooldown
Archer Arrow Shower 0.3 seconds cooldown
Merchant Vending Cannot be used inside Eden Group 1st floor map (moc_para01)
Sage Hocus-pocus Cannot be used inside War of Emperium castles
Sage Deluge Cannot be used inside War of Emperium castles
Shadow Chaser Manhole Cannot be used inside "building" areas
Royal Guard Reflect Damage Disabled in Endless Tower
Crusader Shield Reflect Disabled in Endless Tower & Sealed Shrine
Maestro Song of Despair Disabled outside of WoE Castles
Rune Knight Dragon Breath 0.2 seconds cooldown
Rune Knight Dragon Water Breath 0.2 seconds cooldown
Geneticist Thorn Wall Cannot be used inside War of Emperium castles and cities
List of iRO custom skill changes incomplete. Please help irowiki by adding more information to this list.


Items Modifications
Angelic Protection Can be Hidden Enchanted.
Battle Manuals Bonus EXP multiplied by 1.5 when used by a premium account.
Battleground badges
(Bravery, Valor)
Can be placed in storage.
Battleground equipments Can be placed in storage.
KvM equipments Point cost reduced to 2,000.
Bravery Badge, Valor Badge,
and KVM Badge
Obtain from Merry Badger
Crown of Deceit +7 and +9 upgrade bonuses added.
Mora Arch Bishop Rings
(Light Of Cure
, Seal Of Cathedral,
Ring Of Archbishop)
Rings are now tradable/vendable
Can be fully refunded for 10 Mora Coins at Keeper of Secrets NPC
Novice Breastplate Can be Hidden Enchanted.
Rideword Hat +9 upgrade bonuses added.
Spare Card iRO exclusive headgear.
Valkyrian Armor Can be Hidden Enchanted.
Solar Sword Doesn't stack with other HP leech source.
Glorious Fist Fixed casting time reduction apply to all skills.
Fixed casting time reduction of skills changed from 100% to 50%.
iRO community created headgear Added as reward from iRO quest, Independence Day Event 2014
Overseas Care Package
Imperial Ring ?
Clergy Nurse Cap ?
Royal Guard Necklace ?
Spirit King's Ring ?
List of iRO custom item changes incomplete. Please help irowiki by adding more information to this list.

War of Emperium

  • Damage penalty for skills changed to 50% (from 40%)


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