Lighthalzen Spotlight

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Lighthalzen Spotlight
Base Level: 50
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Worn Out Page, 1 Research Chart, 1 Slick Paper, 1 Oil Paper, 1 Sharp Paper, 1 Well-Baked Cookie, 5 Bag of Grain
Hunting: 30 Rafflesia
Quest Prerequisite(s): The Lion's Roar

Shadow Quest (Rekenber Job Quest)

Base Experience: 2,250,000 (VIP)

1,500,000 (Non-VIP)

Job Experience: 1,500,000 (VIP)

1,000,000 (Non-VIP)

Item(s): 1 Jewelry Box

1. Talk to Kazien at lhz_in01 174 258.

2. He tells you that the spirits have still not arrived, so he has returned to do some investigating into the attack from the masked man.

3. Kazien asks you to investigate the employee reports downstairs to see if anyone was dispatched to Niflheim.

4. Go downstairs and talk to the Scattered Reports at lhz_in01 108, 39

5. Return to Kazien and tell him about the report on Anvian. He asks you to talk to Lyozien.

6. Find Lyozien, who is on break, at lhz_in01 36 43

7. You tell him about Anvian, but he doesn't believe you and asks for proof that he works for Rekenber.

8. Head to the building's library and find the employee records around 39, 264

9. You find Anvian's employee information, though it seems pretty new.

10. Show it to Lyozien, who asks you to confront Anvian about this.

11. Talk to Anvian at yuno_in03 43 181 (existing NPC), who shows you a note he found on his desk that morning.

12. You decide that someone is trying to make you doubt eachother, but you don't have any clues on who. Anvian directs you to a famed criminologist who works in Lighthalzen.

13. Talk to Ronnie Litre at lhz_in02 148 201 and ask him to tell you where the note came from.

14. He agrees to help you, but needs you to get some paper for him to compare against:

1 Oil Paper, 1 Slick Paper, 1 Sharp Paper, 1 Research Chart, 1 Worn Out Page

15. He performs some tests and learns that the note is the same as the Research Chart and came from Rekenber!

16. Return to Anvian who asks you to talk to Lyozien again.

17. Lyozien is glad to know Anvian didn't betray you, but tells you that he hasn't heard from Kazien is awhile.

18. When the player talks to Kazien, he is gone and the player finds a note attached to the wall that directs them to the laboratory.

19. Inside the room to the left in the Laboratory the player finds Kazien in a cage (lhz_in01 269 170)

20. When the player talks to him, they are knocked out and warped into the other cage (lhz_in01 269 163)

21. Talking to Kazien again causes Lyozien to appear at lhz_in01 277 170, who releases the player to lhz_in01 274 163.

22. Talk to Kazien (in the building, not the cage), who tells you he saw a masked man boarding the airship outside before he was attacked. He asks you to check where it's going.

23. Talk to the Airship Pilot at lighthalzen 156, 200

24. He tells you that he's been ferrying some scary looking people to Glast Heim lately.

25. Return to Kazien with this information. He asks you to talk to Rekenber's personal secretary downstairs.

26. Find the Secretary at lhz_in01 111 181, but she refuses to answer your questions because she is dealing with increased monster activity outside of Lighthalzen.

27. Offer to help and she will ask you to kill 30 Rafflesia.

28. When you return, she apologizes but says there is still one other problem, she needs to go to the bank to have some money wired over but is worried about the Mobster attacks.

29. Offer to help her with this and she tells you to inform the bank manager that "Rekenber" sent you.

30. Talk to the Bank Manager at lhz_in02 39 33 and input "Rekenber" when he asks who sent you.

31. He becomes scared and promises the money will be sent over right away.

32. Head back to the Secretary, who thanks you but says she needs to go talk to her boss.

33. Follow her upstairs to Rekenber's office and talk to her from in the hallway (lhz_in01 270 246).

34. You overhear a discussion she is having that deals with you, Kazien, Lyozien and "The Tome".

35. Tell Kazien about what you overheard. He resolves to beat Rekenber to this "Tome" and thanks you for your help with a reward.