Shadow Quest (Rekenber Job Quest)

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Shadow Quest (Rekenber Job Quest)
Base Level: 70
Base Experience: 140,000
Item(s): 1 White Potion

1. Talk to the Old Man in Lighthalzen lighthalzen141162. He mentions how Kazien is busy due to a lack of workers. (You can talk to the Old Man and get the quest listed in your quest list at any time, but Kaizen won't give you any work until you reach base level 70).

RekenberJobQuest OldMan.png

2. Go into the Rekenber Headquarters. Go to the second floor of the first room (reached by the winding red-carpeted stairs), then to the room to the right of the area blocked off by the sun-glasses wearing men to find the Young Man Kazien at lhz_in01174258 . Select 'yes' when he asks if you can keep a secret.

RekenberJobQuest Kazien.png

3. Go to the Einbroch laboratory einbroch5452; the town guide can mark it for you on your mini-map. The Laboratory Guard will ask the player why they want to enter the lab. Answer with either "Whoa, I'm leaving!" or "I have some business" followed by "I'll be back later." and go back to find Kazien.

  • If this is done incorrectly the mission will fail. There will be a chance to redo the mission from Kazien again, after a period of time so that he can forget about you. However, you first have to report your failure to Kaizen before he can forget. If he still remembers you after some time has passed, immediately talk to him again a few times to see if this makes him forget.
  • Even if the conversation with the guard NPC is done correctly, answering "Sure" after returning to Kazien will fail this part.
RekenberJobQuest LabGuard.png

4. Return to Kazien lhz_in01174258. He says the "job" was a test to check the player's ability to keep a secret. Talk to him again, and he mentions Lyozien.

5. Talk to Lyozien (Man) at airplane_019648 - the International route Izlude/Rachel/Juno Airship). He mentions Ahman, located in Izlude near the airport.

  • Note: if Lyozien is not present on the airship, wait 5 to 10 min to see if he re-appears, if he does not, the quest has encountered a problem and you will need to contact the GM Team using the "In-game Help" section of the Warp Portal Service to resolve the problem.
RekenberJobQuest Lyozien.png

6. Talk to the Scamp (Ahman) at izlude18657. He says the goods have been delivered.

RekenberJobQuest Ahman.png

7. Talk to Lyozien airplane_019648 again. He asks the player to see Kazien.

8. Talk to Kazien lhz_in01174258

9. Go back to Lyozien airplane_019648 again. This time two Thugs will appear. Kill them. Lyozien requires the player to find Ahman in Izlude again.

10. Talk to Ahman izlude18657 and show your suspicion on the Goods delivered and the attackers. However there will be no answer.

11. Go back to Lyozien airplane_019648, who express his gratitude and asks the player to find Kazien in Lighthalzen.

12. Talk to Kazien lhz_in01174258 again and have a little debate on the attack and the contents of the goods.

13. Go to Lyozien airplane_019648. Another Thugs attack happens (three of them, this time) after talking to him. After the fight, some of the of the goods will be damaged. Walk to airplane_019846 to examine them. While examining them, Lyozien will reappear and hand over a white potion.

  • Note: if you fail to inspect the the damaged good, Lyozien will not reappear, and the quest will be broken for future players.
  • Obtain 1 White Potion.

14. Talk to Ahman izlude18657 in Izlude. He asks the player to take a rest as they seem pale after looking at the contents of the goods.

15. Return to the airship. Lyozien airplane_019648 will also ask the player to rest after reporting Kazien.

16. Talk to Kazien lhz_in01174258 again and tell him you knew the contents of the goods. An argument on the righteous of the delivery commences.

17. When you walk out of the room and towards the stairs lhz_in01189248 (the non-winding stairs with a portal to the right of Kaizen), you will have a flashback of the things Kazien argued about. (Quest Finished)

RekenberJobQuest stairs.jpg