Report from the New World

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Report from the New World
Base Level: 70
Quest Prerequisite(s): 3 of the following 4 quests:
Attitude to the New World
New Surroundings
Tripatriate Union's Feud
Pursuing Rayan Moore
Base Experience: 2,500,000
Item(s): 3 First Aid Kits
Quest Reward(s): Guardian of Yggdrasil
  1. Inside the central building mid_camp215248 at the Midgard camp, talk to Hibba Agip who is on the north side of the table in the center mid_campin90114, he and Abidail discuss your accomplishments.
  2. Talk to Staff Officer Abidail at the east end of the table, accept his request. He tells you to talk to Commander Agip.
  3. Speak to Hibba Agip again, he gives you a document and asks you to speak to the messenger at the dimensional gate.
  4. Find Expedition Messenger mid_camp206286, while you are discussing the report, someone sneaks up and attempts to take it.
    • If you attempt to protect the report from the attacker, it will be easier later to re-assemble the report later.
  5. Return to Hibba Agip to inform him that the report has been destroyed. He tells you to go find the pieces of it.
  6. Staff Officer Abidail asks you to bring him pages of the report in increments of 10.
  7. There are two ways to retrieve pages. Both can be done at the same time:
    1. Monsters may randomly drop pages in areas where Expedition Scouts are located. You will receive a notification that you found a report page every time one is found.
    2. Speak to any of the Expedition Scout on the New World field maps. Select the first option, asking for a progress report on the search for pages. The soldier will give you one of three responses:
      1. He is still searching and asks you to return later.
      2. He found some pages (usually 1, 2, or 3).
      3. It is very difficult and he hasn't found any pages.
      • Return every 30 minutes (15 minutes if you are playing on iRO) to check back with him. You CAN log out at a scout location and log back in to check for pages, time still passes when your character is logged out.
        • Cooldown quest name: Report to the continent - Location of reports
      • Scout locations are:
        • spl_fild02296369 (north wall)
          Soldier-spl fild02.png
        • spl_fild0317271 (south wall)
          Soldier-spl fild03.png
        • man_fild0131692 (southeast)
          Soldier-man fild01.png
        • man_fild03202251 (east wall, halfway up)
          Soldier-man fild03.png
  8. After returning with 10 pages (or more, in increments of 10), Abidail will try to restore one of the four volumes of the report. Keep searching for pages until all the volumes are restored.
    • There is a very high chance that the pages brought do not form a single volume, or that they form a volume you already have. You will lose 10 pages and must collect more. (On iRO, you only lose 5 pages instead)
    • You will automatically fail and discard the pages if he manages to restore a volume of the report you already have in your inventory. As such, you should put completed volumes in Storage (Pushcart if you're Merchant/Super Novice Class) or have a partner hold the volumes until you are done speaking with him. The extra volumes of the report can be sold or given to other players doing the quest.
  9. Return to Abidail when you have all 4 volumes, ask for the second selection requesting a progress report, and he will recognize all 4 volumes and bind them together.
  10. Speak to Hibba Agip and he will make copies of the report for you. You will now have three copies given to you of the final report. He instructs you to follow the plan as before, except that you will now deliver the reports instead of his soldiers; he has stationed more soldiers in the area to protect you.
    • Warning: DO NOT lose the Expedition Report and DO NOT talk to Hibba Agip if you have 2 or less reports in your inventory otherwise he will take them and you will be bugged!
    • If bugged, send a ticket to Support to restore the Expedition Report.
  11. Deliver a report to Laur in the throne room of Prontera Castle prt_cas107265 (in the main banquet hall, up the right stairs).
  12. Deliver a report to Nuria outside Rachel's temple ra_temple122174 (standing directly in front of the actual Rachel temple entrance, older woman).
  13. Deliver a report to Gerhart at the front desk, inside Rekenber Corporation's Headquarters lhz_in01110174 (large building in the top left of Lighthalzen, older man standing in front of the front desk).
  14. Return to Hibba Agip, he thanks you for your help.