Weekly Turn-In Events

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Weekly Turn-In Events
Base Level: 70
Base Experience: Varies
Job Experience: Varies
Item(s): 1 Eden Merit Badge per quest


Gramps.png Each week, a hunting quest (also called a "Turn-In") is rotated. Gramps in Eden Group HQ is offering the quest. Player are require to kill 400 monster per quest. The monsters involved will give their normal EXP. The player must be within a certain level range to obtain the quest, but he can get the reward at any level. The quest will give as much EXP as all the monsters killed (formula : 400*(monster exp/jexp)).

September 19

Min Level Max Level Map Monster Other Quests
70 100 Payon
Dungeon 1
Uzhas Bounty Board (N/A)
Eden Group (71-85)
Skel Prisoner Bounty Board (N/A)
Eden Group (N/A)
101 125 Geffen
Dungeon 4
Hill Wind Bounty Board (N/A)
Eden Group (N/A)
Hodremlin Bounty Board (N/A)
Eden Group (121~130)
126 150 Abyss Lake
Dungeon 3
Imp Bounty Board (N/A)
Eden Group (N/A)
Angra Mantis Bounty Board (141~175)
Eden Group (N/A)


  • Each quest is repeatable so long as the player remains within the level limits.
  • As long as the player has a "Hunting Timer" or "Monster Hunting" quest, they can still enter the appropriate map, even if out of level bounds.
  • Kills from party members increases a player's count if they can see the kill on their screen.
  • Mercenary kills will increase kill counts! The same goes for Homunculus kills. The player just has to see it.
  • VIP accounts can combine the EXP reward to go only towards Base EXP or Job EXP.
  • Once a VIP character has completed a quest for their level limit, it can be reset immediately (with a Magical Stone), with a 3-hour cooldown for future resets. Players without VIP must complete both quests.
  • Turn ins are on event maps which you can be sent to by the Gramps NPC.
  • Completing each turn-in will also reward the player with 65,000 Zeny (130,000 zeny for completing both). (Testing on non-VIP and VIP to see if this value changes)
  • The current week's turn-in quests can usually be found in the pinned maintenance notes here: Renewal Patch Note
  • For a list of turn-ins prior to this week, see the archive page.

Delay Mechanics

A delay of 23 hours exist for players doing Turn-In quests, to prevent excessive EXP gains. As a result, it's often beneficial for players to do Turn-Ins when available, and go to other maps in between delays. The delay can be removed using a Magical Stone, but this reset mechanism also has a delay of 3 hours. Due to how these quests work, it's possible to complete multiple Turn-Ins in a short period of time, allowing players to use a single Battle Manual on more than one EXP gain.

Hunting Timer quest logs are given when the player takes a Turn-In and dictates when the player can next retake this same monster Turn-In.

  • A duration of 23 hours (starting from when the quest is taken) applies.
  • This timer is erased instantly whenever it has expired by talking to Gramps (no chat option necessary).
  • Players cannot retake this monster's Turn-In whenever this quest log exists.

Monster Hunting quests logs (replace "Monster" with the actual monster name) are given alongside the "Hunting Timer" quests.

  • Each monster kill is accumulated on this quest.
  • No duration is applied; it can last forever.
  • This can be erased by selecting "I want to stop hunting" when talking to Gramps (this gives no reward), or by finishing the quest by picking "Reward Me!"
  • Players cannot retake this monster's Turn-In whenever this quest log exists.

Reset Stone Timer quest logs are applied after a player uses a Magical Stone by selecting "Can you erase my timer?" at Gramps - but only if they're not under another Reset Stone delay.

  • The reset process cannot be done as long as another "Reset Stone Timer" exists.
  • A duration of 3 hours (starting from the last reset process) applies.
  • Like the "Hunting Timer", this will be erased instantly once it has expired by talking to Gramps.
  • The reset process will erase all previous "Reset Stone Timer" and "Hunting Timer" quests, and then apply a new "Reset Stone Timer".

Consecutive Turn-In Strategies

A player can easily do two turn-ins rapidly by doing the following in order:

  1. Take the Turn-In quest, gaining "Hunting Timer" and "Monster Hunting" quest logs.
  2. Kill 400 of each monster, completing the "Monster Hunting" kill counts.
  3. Wait for the previous "Reset Stone Timer" to expire. The player can now do a reset.
  4. Activate a Battle Manual.
  5. Request rewards and gain EXP. This removes the "Monster Hunting" quests.
  6. Do a reset. This removes the "Hunting Timer" quests (while imposing another 3-hour delay).
  7. Take the Turn-In quest again.
  8. Kill 400 of each monster within the Battle Manual's duration.
  9. Request rewards immediately once the kill count is complete.
  10. 3 to 6 hours later, reset again to proceed to step 1.

This allows the Battle Manual to span two Turn-In rewards, potentially giving very large sums of EXP. It does not actually bypass any delay; a 6-hour cooldown exists between each run.

It's also possible to rapidly do 3 turn-ins by using the way reset stones only erase "Hunting Timer" quests, regardless of the state of any "Monster Hunting" quests:

  1. Take the Turn-In quest, gaining "Hunting Timer" and "Monster Hunting" quest logs.
  2. Kill 400 of each monster (anytime between now and before using the Battle Manual).
  3. Wait for the previous "Reset Stone Timer" to expire.
  4. Do a reset. This removes the "Hunting Timer" quests, while the in-progress "Monster Hunting" quests are untouched.
  5. At this point, a "Reset Stone Timer" exists, but the player can already retake.
  6. Wait for 3 hours so the "Reset Stone Timer" expires.
  7. At this point, the player already has ongoing "Monster Hunting" quests, can immediately retake (due to the lack of "Hunting Timer" quest logs), and can do another reset.
  8. Complete the kill count.
  9. Activate a Battle Manual.
  10. Request rewards and gain EXP.
  11. Without resetting, immediately retake the Turn-In quest again. This is possible since the earlier reset removed the "Hunting Timer" quests.
  12. Complete the kill count.
  13. Request rewards and gain EXP a second time.
  14. Do a reset.
  15. Complete the kill count.
  16. Request rewards and gain EXP a third time; hopefully, the Battle Manual is still active.
  17. 3 hours later, reset again to proceed to step 1.

This process, while trickier, can yield much better experience if the player can finish all two kill count quests within one Battle Manual. This method still imposes a 9-hour delay between runs, although the player needs to come online to do resets in between.

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