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VIP Turn-Ins

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The following are special VIP-only quests available from the Eden Group Chef moc_para0118248 in the Eden Group HQ's Kitchen. The quests require the player to kill a selected monster 200 times. The monsters involved will give their normal EXP, and the quest will give as much EXP as all the monsters killed. They also reward the player with items to help in the crafting of +20 stat food items available through Mixed Cooking.


  • Kills from party members increases a player's count if they can see the kill on their screen.
  • Formula exp/jexp gained for quest: 200*(monster exp/jexp)*1.5.
Min Level Max Level Monster Base EXP Job EXP Item Reward
50 None Drosera 405,500 303,900 6 Drosera Tentacles
Gazeti 607,500 455,400 6 Ice Pieces
Petite (Ground) 351,000 395,100 8 Petite's Tail
Ice Titan 817,200 793,200 10 Cold Ice
Minorous 163,200 180,600 4 Beef Head
Savage 171,900 193,200 4 Savage Meat