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Marriage, sealing the bond you made with that special someone you met in a game. Marriage can be between lovers, or maybe just something fun between friends. Whatever someone's reasons, it's not something to be taken lightly, and both people involved should be sure of their intentions before undertaking this ceremony.


  • You and your Spouse-To-Be must be over Base Level 45.
  • You or your Spouse-To-Be must not be Adopted ("Baby" character)
6294.png Marriage Covenant
1,200,000 zeny or a
Marriage Covenant
2338.png Wedding Dress
2613.png Diamond Ring
6294.png Marriage Covenant
1,300,000 zeny or a
Marriage Covenant
7170.png Tuxedo
2613.png Diamond Ring


  • Wedding Dresses, Tuxedos, and Diamond Rings are purchasable from Wedding Shop Dealers at Prontera prt_in211169 or Lighthalzen lhz_in0247148.
  • The Marriage Covenant is a Kafra Shop (Cash Shop) item that cost 500 coins ($5 USD). Both Bride and Groom require one.
  • Marriage Covenants can also be purchased from Wedding Present prt_in287162 inside the Prontera style shop at a price of 20,000,000 zeny when asking her for a stamp.
    This cute doram offers wedding-related options



With all the items, head towards Prontera Church located in the northeast of Prontera City. Speak to the marriage NPC to initiate the ceremony. Either the groom or bride can do this. The bride/groom who first registered must then have his/her future spouse speak with the same NPC within one minute before the application times out.

Once both parties have spoken with the marriage NPC, they can proceed to the front of the church where the priest will say a few words. He will ask both parties one final time if they wish to proceed; should both parties agree, the ceremony begins and the marriage is complete.

The Diamond Rings transform into Wedding Rings 26342635 which must be identified using a Magnifier before wedding skills can be used. Once the bride and groom have equipped the rings, then marriage skills become available. The skills can be cast even if only one spouse is wearing a ring, but only the spouse who has the ring equipped can use the skills.


For Same-gender/Inter-species weddings you must head to Lasagna and speak to the wedding guide lasagna335248 to get married.


  • If you've already mistakenly registered at Prontera, you can re-register in Lasagna without being charged the zeny/cert or the rings/tuxedo/dress again.
  • If you're doing a same gender marriage, both of you need to buy the appropriate items for your genders, 2 tuxedos for men, and 2 wedding dresses for women.


After you and your beloved tie the knot, you will obtain Wedding Rings based on your gender. When you equip the ring, you will obtain special marriage skills:

  • Romantic Rendezvous.png Romantic Rendezvous
    • While the Wedding Ring is equipped, spouses can summon their partners to their locations. This skill requires 15 seconds for it to cast, and does not have any delay after it is used. However, this skill cannot be used on any map that cannot be set as a memo by warp portal, ie guild war zones and dungeons.
  • Loving Touch.png Loving Touch
    • Consume 10% of one`s HP to restore 10% of your partner`s HP.
  • Undying Love.png Undying Love
    • Consume 10% of one`s SP to restore 10% of your partner`s SP.
  • Love Conquers Death.png Love Conquers Death
    • Restores a family member that is out of combat to HP 30%. The effect is not triggered if the family is in the Undead attribute.
  • Let's Go Family!.png Let's Go Family!
    • The family members on the same map are brought to your location. Your family members must be in the same party. This skill cannot be used in instances but does work in maps where Romantic Rendezvous do not.


Afterwards, you both will be in your formal wear, and won't be able to attack or use skills for an hour ingame time. Many people decide to visit the honeymoon town of Jawaii, which can be accessed from an NPC near the docks in Izlude. You can also take advantage of the Adoption System, if you so choose. Also, if you are not happy with your spouse you can Divorce.

  • /noCosplay removes formal wear


At the same NPC that sells Marriage Convenants ( Wedding Present prt_in287162 ), married couples can engrave their spouse's name on each of their own Wedding Ring for a 30,000? zeny fee. Note that all enchants on the ring will be lost and the item name will be renamed from [Wedding Ring] to [SpouseNamewithWedding Ring]. Note that there's no space!

Wedding Ring Enchants

Wedding Ring can also be enchanted with materials from the Friday instance.