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Base Level: 99
Party: 1+
Hunting: Lich Lord 100+ or 160+
Item(s): Crafted Stone
Royal Guard Ring [1]

Instance Cooldown Quest Name: Need to recover from fatigue


Friday is at most a 1 hour instance that can be entered only during Fridays. Players can hunt monsters inside to acquire Crafted Stone used to enchant various accessories, various herbs for Guillotine Cross's New Poison Research, or attempt to summon one version of the MVP Lich Lord.


  1. Enter Geffen Tower geffen119112 and inside, talk to Mariage gef_tower56170 to create the instance.
  2. Inside, talk to Mariage and select the level of monsters you wish to fight.
    • Player can be under level 160 to fight level 160 monsters.
    • Level 160 have stats and higher drop rate, including Lich Lord.
  3. The player may now have different choices:
    • Player may exit the instance any time they wish.
    • They can farm Crafted Stones.
      • Monsters constantly respawn and have a chance to drop Crafted Stone.
      • At top of the map, behind a tree and near a wall, search Stranger body to get some Crafted Stones.
      • After killing enough monsters, an announcement will appear that a treasure chest containing Crafted Stones has appeared. The treasure never disappears.
    • Player can wait 30 minutes before being allowed to attempt to summon the MVP Lich Lord.
      • Summoning attempts take place at the southeast of the instance.
      • Each attempt costs 10 Crafted Stones and now seems to have low success rate.
      • Failed attempts have a 5 minute cooldown before can attempt summoning again.
      • Successful summon will make an announcement and Lich Lord will spawn in the northwest of the instance and can teleport around the map.

Monster List

Level 99-110

Level 160


  • Enchanting costs 10 Crafted Stones and 100,000 zeny and has 100% success.
  • Resetting enchants also costs 10 Crafted Stones and 100,000 zeny. However, failure rate is different for Royal Guard Ring and the other enchantable accessories.

Royal Guard Ring Enchants

  • Note that Royal Guard Ring [1] is an Accessory (Right).
  • Talk to Suspicious man gef_tower36177 inside Geffen Tower, left side, behind a column to enchant the ring.
  • Can be enchanted two times in the 4th and 3rd slot.
  • Enchantment can be chosen between 3 different types for each set of slots: Physical, Magical, Ranged
    • However, each slot will have random stat and random value (e.g. Physical type giving Fighting Spirit, Vit+5).
  • Resetting enchant failure rate is 20% chance and will destroy the ring.
  • Both slots must be enchanted before being able to reset enchant.
Physical Magical Ranged
3rd slot 4th slot 3rd slot 4th slot 3rd slot 4th slot
Stat Value Stat Value Stat Value Stat Value Stat Value Stat Value
Fighting Spirit 3-7 STR 3-7 Spell 3-7 INT 3-7 Fatal 0-4 AGI 3-7
Sharp 1-5 AGI SP +1% DEX Sharp 1-5 DEX
Atk +1% - +3% VIT Archbishop Lv1 VIT Expert Archer 1-3 LUK
ASPD +1 - +2 Heal Lv3 - 5 ASPD +1 - +2
MATK +1% - 3%
MAtk 1 - 3

Enchantable Accessories

Item Item Item Item
2800.png Accelerator [1]
2803.png Shape Shifter [1]
2729.png Diabolus Ring [1]
2853.png Telekinetic Orb
2780.png Dark Knight Glove (Type A)
2652.png Goddess of Fortune's Cursed Brooch
2736.png Navel Ring
2746.png Cold Heart
2663.png Gauntlet of Accuracy
2801.png Hovering Booster [1]
2714.png Marvelous Pendant [1]
2601.png Ring
2777.png Shaman Ring [1]
2769.png Archer Figure
2730.png Seal of Continental Guard [1]
2621.png Ring [1]
2703.png Expert Ring [1]
2620.png Rogue's Treasure
2774.png Glorious Mass-Production Ring
2790.png Bradium Brooch [1]
2745.png Pinguicula Corsage [1]
2722.png Medal of Honor (Acolyte)
2608.png Rosary
2784.png Christmas Musicbox
2766.png Swordman Figure
2724.png Medal of Honor (Archer)
2626.png Rosary [1]
2665.png Exorcising Ring
2827.png Dark Knight Glove (Type B)
2723.png Medal of Honor (Mage)
2664.png Scarf Belt
2603.png Necklace
2648.png Morpheus's Ring
2725.png Medal of Honor (Merchant)
2781.png Aumdura's Benefit [1]
2623.png Necklace [1]
2778.png Shaman Earrings
2720.png Medal of Honor (Swordman)
2636.png Gold Christmas Ring
2794.png Magic Stone Ring [1]
2805.png Magnetic Field Generator [1]
2721.png Medal of Honor (Thief)
2610.png Gold Ring
2788.png Bradium Earring [1]
2680.png Lesser Elemental Ring
2744.png Sprint Ring
2718.png Lunatic Brooch [1]
2701.png Orleans's Glove [1]
2809.png High Quality Cooler [1]
2732.png Death Loop [1]
2627.png Belt [1]
2810.png Special Cooler [1]
2779.png Dark Knight Belt (Type A)
2619.png Bow Thimble
2719.png Iron Wrist
2628.png Novice Armlet [1]
2649.png Morpheus's Bracelet
2671.png Bow Thimble [1]
2637.png Silver Christmas Ring
2768.png Mage Figure
2615.png Safety Ring
2604.png Glove
2612.png Flower Ring
2605.png Brooch
2802.png Suicidal Device [1]
2624.png Glove [1]
2731.png Rune Spellstone [1]
2625.png Brooch [1]
2656.png Armor Charm
2614.png Eye of Dullahan
2767.png Acolyte Figure
2881.png Orleans Necklace [1]
2808.png Camouflage Generator [1]
2787.png Waterdrop Brooch [1]
2712.png Ragnarok Limited Edition
2641.png Fashion Hip Sack
2826.png Dark Knight Belt (Type B)
2654.png Shinobi Sash
2616.png Critical Ring
2783.png Eye Stone Ring [1]
2650.png Morrigane's Belt
2640.png Kafra Ring
2658.png Nile Rose [1]
2618.png Matyr's Leash
2653.png Sacrifice Ring
2843.png Golden Bell
2749.png Linen Glove [1]
2747.png Black Cat
2728.png Cursed Hand [1]
2772.png Glorious Ring
2700.png Red Silk Seal
2611.png Silver Ring
2609.png Skull Ring
2702.png Bison Horn [1]
2743.png Angelic Ring
2795.png Green Apple Ring
2715.png Skull Ring [1]
2737.png Foot Ring
2607.png Clip [1]
2613.png Diamond Ring
2639.png Occult Incense
2617.png Celebrant's Mitten
2804.png Cooling Device [1]
2727.png Bowman Scarf
2770.png Thief Figure
2748.png Cursed Star
2807.png Repair Kit [1]
2716.png Librarian Glove [1]
2651.png Morrigane's Pendant
2666.png Lantern of Hope
2789.png Bradium Ring [1]
2602.png Earring
2655.png Bloodied Shackle Ball
2773.png Glorious Popularized Ring
2854.png Alchemy Glove [1]
2622.png Earring [1]
2645.png Moonlight Ring
2667.png Renown Archer's Gloves
2771.png Merchant Figure
2726.png Icarus Wings
2638.png Sacred Incense
2635.png Wedding Ring

Enchantable Accessories Enchants

  • Equip the accessory you wish to enchant in the Right Accessory slot (that's the left side from your view when looking at Equip window).
  • Talk to Novice Collector gef_tower57167 inside Geffen Tower to enchant the accessory.
  • Can be enchanted only in the 4th slot.
  • Resetting enchant failure rate is 80% chance and will destroy the accessory.
4th slot
Stat Values
Str 2-4
Fighting Spirit 3-5
Sharp 2-4
Expert Archer 1
Fatal 0-2
Archbishop Lv1
Heal Lv3
ATK 1%
Matk 1
HP 200, 400, 1%, 2%
SP 50, 100, 1%
DEF 6, 12
MDEF 2, 4

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