Wandering Guardian Quest

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Wandering Guardian Quest
Base Level: 99
Base Experience: 400,000
Job Experience: 400,000
Item(s): 2568.png 1 Loki's Muffler
2858.png 1 Pendant of Guardian
Quest Reward(s): Find the Research Tools
Mora Daily Quests


  1. Inside the Hazy Forest instance, on Island #1, speak to Questionable Young Man (1@mist 97, 30) and tell him you are going to explore the maze.
  2. Kill the Lost Dragon inside the instance which spawns at one of the following locations:
    • Island #28
    • Island #38
    • Island #49
    • Island #50
    • Island #55
    • Island #59
    • Island #60
    • Island #68
  3. After defeating the MVP, speak to Loki at the center of Island #56 (1@mist 183, 304) until he tells you to speak to him again in Mora.
    • The easiest way to go to Mora, is by going back to Bifrost Field 1 using the Mysterious Seed, then use another Mysterious Seed on the nearby tree trunk to warp into Bifrost Field 2, then walk until you reached the nearest entrance to Mora.
    • You can obtain Mysterious Seeds by clicking on the bubbles on the flower shaped islands (Islands 11, 12, 38, 39, 56 and 78).
  4. In northwest Mora, speak to Flower Smelling Lady, then Young Man with Sharp Ey mora48152. You will be rewarded with Loki's Muffler, a Pendant of Guardian, 400,000 Base EXP and 400,000 Job EXP.
    • The Pendant of Guardian allows use of the Call of Guardian Skill, which teleports the caster to Mora.


Red lines are two way portals.

Blue lines are one way portals.

Yellow islands have a chance to spawn of Lost Dragon.

Green islands where there are souls.

(The yellow/green circles are the islands with chance of spawn of The Lost Dragon, and souls respectively).

Hazy Forest 02.png