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Mail System

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The Mailing System is a feature added of the Episode 10.4: Hugel update. It allows players to send mail to any player. It was deactivated on iRO for a time due to bugs, but returned to iRO when the Interface Renewal update occurred. It was deactivated again because of a duping bug and reintroduced again later during the Episode 13.2 - Encounter Against the Uknown update. Due to duping issues, The Mail System has once again been removed from the majority of official servers in 2013.

You can send mail via your Friends list (as long as you have one friend), your Party list (as long as you are in a party), or through the Mailbox. Your mail is accessed via a Mailbox NPC in all major towns. There is a fee of 130 Zeny to access the mailbox. Mail will be deleted automatically once your mailbox is full, starting with the oldest messages. You can have a maximum of 30 messages at once. Any mail you have opened must be taken care of in order to see next one.

Zeny and Items (1 item stack per message) can be sent via the Mailing System. Character and account-bound items such as Wedding Rings26342635 cannot be sent via the Mail System. Messages which contain foul language cannot be sent. You cannot send mail to characters on the same account.

The Mail System is being removed from iRO on November 22, 2016. All mail and items within them will be deleted along with the removal. The system will be replaced with a new, updated system called RODEX.

Mailable Items

To cut down on potential abuse while still keeping the Mail System in-game, iRO placed severe limitations on the sytem. Presently, the list below are the only items allowed to be sent through the mail.<ref>http://www.playragnarok.com/news/updatedetail.aspx?id=241</ref>

7136.png Acid Bottle
14002.png Advanced WoE Supply Box
970.png Alcohol
12735.png Ancient Rough Runestone
510.png Blue Herb
505.png Blue Potion
7135.png Bottle Grenade
12119.png Coldproof Potion
545.png Condensed Red Potion
547.png Condensed White Potion
546.png Condensed Yellow Potion
12100.png Cooked Nine Tail's Tails
7321.png Crystal Fragment
12080.png Dragon Breath Cocktail
12433.png Drosera Herb Stew
12120.png Earthproof Potion
7939.png Elder Branch
713.png Empty Bottle
2630.png Ephemeral Brisingamen
2629.png Ephemeral Megingjard
1530.png Ephemeral Mjolnir
2410.png Ephemeral Sleipnir
12118.png Fireproof Potion
12737.png General Rough Runestone
7139.png Glistening Coat
523.png Holy Water
12424.png HP Increase Potion(Large)
12423.png HP Increase Potion(Mid)
12422.png HP Increase Potion(Small)
12095.png Hwergelmir's Tonic
929.png Immortal Heart
12085.png Immortal Stew
6361.png Indigo Point
709.png Izidor
972.png Karvodailnirol
11502.png Light Blue Potion
599.png Light Orange Potion
598.png Light Red Potion
11501.png Light White Potion
11500.png Light Yellow Potion
6363.png Lime Green Point
7134.png Medicine Bowl
12431.png Minor Brisket
12736.png Mystic Rough Runestone
502.png Orange Potion
12434.png Petite Tail Noodles
678.png Poison Bottle
7937.png Poison Herb Amoena
7934.png Poison Herb Makulata
7932.png Poison Herb Nerium
7933.png Poison Herb Rantana
7936.png Poison Herb Scopolia
7935.png Poison Herb Seratum
7931.png Poison Kit
7033.png Poison Spore
12734.png Quality Rough Runestone
12738.png Rare Rough Runestone
501.png Red Potion
12429.png Savage BBQ
6360.png Scarlet Point
911.png Scell
12432.png Siroma Icetea
12016.png Speed Potion
12427.png SP Increase Potion(Large)
12426.png SP Increase Potion(Mid)
12425.png SP Increase Potion(Small)
12090.png Steamed Desert Scorpions
12075.png Steamed Tongue
12121.png Thunderproof Potion
12430.png Warg Blood Cocktail
509.png White Herb
504.png White Potion
1061.png Witch Starsand
1776.png WoE Arrow A
12678.png WoE Arrow Quiver A
12677.png WoE Arrow Quiver S
1775.png WoE Arrow S
11549.png WoE Blue Potion
11504.png WoE Blue Potion
12680.png WoE Blue Potion Box
12582.png WoE Supply Box
11547.png WoE Violet Potion
12676.png WoE Violet Potion Box
12683.png WoE Violet Potion Box200
12675.png WoE Weapon Supply Box
11548.png WoE White Potion
11503.png WoE White Potion
12679.png WoE White Potion Box
503.png Yellow Potion
6362.png Yellow Wish Point
607.png Yggdrasilberry


Accessing and Inbox

Accessmail.jpg Mailinbox.jpg

Writing and Reading Mail

Writemail.jpg Samplemessage.jpg