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Trading Tips:

Maximum Limits:

Holding Zeny: 2 billion (2,147,483,647) [Limit to 2b for safety]
Trading Zeny: 1 billion (999,999,999)

Trading Steps:

Note: I will use Trader as a generic word for Buyer or Seller. I will specify, if necessary. Please use the in-game screenshot or video recording. Do not use any other tool or your image/video proofs might not be accepted.

  1. Discuss the deal with the potential trader beforehand in the discord or iRO chat.
  2. Meet at the place where you want trade. Usually, Kitchen is the most ideal one, but Mail annex room is a good spot too.
  3. Open a Pub or Community Chat with the Alt + C command.
  4. Make the pub private with a password so that someone else does not interfere in your trade.
  5. Make sure that the pub owner stays till the end of the deal (usually the char that will trade the last 1b for item). Ask for a trusted friend to do this if you have connection or alt issues.
  6. Try to use alts for all your deals. Do not involve Main account if possible. It is just a precaution.
  7. Once the trader enters the pub (give them the password), reconfirm the deal again and include all the items and zeny involved.
  8. After the deal is confirmed in pub, start dealing the zeny. Try to keep the items and/or last 1b in the final trade. Make sure to screenshot all trades.
  9. Confirm the characters you are trading to before dealing with them. Sometimes, scammers might deal you instead of the trader’s character.
  10. After every transaction of 1 billion, confirm how much was given, in the pub.
  11. For the final trade, make sure you are receiving the right item. There are many similar looking items and costumes that can be used to scam you.
  12. Confirm the final transaction in the pub, and screenshot all the conversation. Do not save only as text. Image proof is required.
  13. Go to the support site and open an item related ticket for item verification; zeny verification is not required. Add all the screenshots or video recording. If you feel the trade might have been a scam get your trade legitimized too.

Ticket Template:


Blank Support Ticket
Ticket Type
Server Selection

Subject: Legitimizing the trade and item verification for (Enter the items that you want verified)
Hi Support Team,

I wanted to get my item: (Enter the items that you want verified),
verified that I traded for (Enter the items and/or that you gave) in game. I gave him my (Item you gave for socketing/carding the MVP) to card in first. Attaching my trade screenshots and details below:

My details are:
Game: Ragnarok Online
Server: Chaos
Account Name: (Game Account name used during client login)
Character Nickname (item holder): (Name of the in-game charcter)
Registered Name: (Name in the Warp Portal Account)
Registered Birthdate: (Date of Birth in the Warp Portal Account)
Registered Country: (Country in the Warp Portal Account)

Additional Comments

Note: Please add any new information below this line and I will add it to the main section