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This Community Guide is created to help and advise New/Returning/Old Players on how to research a new Class/Skill/Build in iRO. The aim is to provide guidance and the initial direction or even end game builds. This guide will be updated with newer items from time to time. Also requesting any other member to add their suggestions below or reach out to me to further improve the guide.

Where to Start?

To start off, you need to decide which type of class you like to play. The game is unfortunately not very kind to Tank, Healer, or Full Support Builds. So, only go for these builds if you have friends with DPS classes helping. Consequently, it makes this guide DPS based. I might add other playstyles later-on.

Attack Type Classification

The classes of Ragnarok Online can be divided broadly into Magical and Physical Attack types. Decide whether you want to be a Melee, Ranged, or a Caster. This will decide further what kind of gears will be needed.

Magical Classes

The Magical classes are based on Spells of different iRO Elements. Unlike other games, Element of an attack or Monster plays an important role in the amount of damage you will deal. There is no “One Element Hits All”, we are not in Lord of the Rings. This will make you use at least two different types of elemental spells (One Main Attack, other for resistant enemies) or ignore resistant monsters. Usually, all Caster classes will have one way or the other to incorporate more than one Element in the build.

Physical Classes

Physical Classes can be further divided into Ranged or Melee. Also, unlike Magical Skills, it is easier to change property of most of the Physical Skills, with an Elemental Converter, Ammunition, or Weapons. Additionally, HP and SP leech is easier with Physical skills than Magical ones. The benefit of Ranged Attacks is that Monsters that reflect Physical Damage, do not get triggered by them.

What to Pick?

iRO Class

Once you have decided on what type of Attack you want to use, next comes the actual Class you want to use. This is an important step because some classes are Cheaper and Easier to build than the others. But almost all classes can clear the current Content of the game, MVP hunting, Leveling, or Partying. In my opinion, the Class that currently fall short is Dorams. Though easier to build, but their damage caps way early. But they have one of the Strongest Tank and Healer builds.

Class Skill

As informed at the start, this guide focuses on DPS classes for now. The next step after selecting the Class is to study them and decide on the Skill you want to use. Look at the 3rd Job classes or Expanded 2nd Jobs. Different Classes have different weapon options and the Weapon types decide which skill can be used. Not all skills are high DPS or very useful in iRO server. I would recommend using the iRO Wiki discord (Link available below), to decide which is the current Meta skill(s) of your class.

How to Look?

After choosing the Skill, comes your real research. Go on google. Com and search the following: “iro <Skill name>”


How to Google:

Google Search.png

The first two results should be from the following two sites: iRO Wiki and Divine Pride.

Skyblow Results.png

Open both these links because they will help on your research and deciding your gears.

iRO Wiki

The first thing that you need to see is the description of the Skill. Read the Damage formula and pick out which stats are directly involved in the Skill damage Calculation. These would help decide your Stats.

Skyblow Description.png

The next thing to check is the Different parameters related with the skill. These are the Variable Cast Time (VCT), Fixed Cast Time (FCT), Cooldown, and After Cast Delay (ACD). You would need different equipment or shadow gears to reduce these values. The Skills page has more information on how to reduce them. (I will add a separate section for them later)

Cast Details.png

The last thing to notice is the External part of the page. This will give an idea about which gears affect the skill and how. This list might be incomplete and hence will need the link from the Divine Pride website to further complete it.

IRO Related Gears.png

Divine Pride

The items tab on the Divine Pride link will help you out find the remaining or future items that are related to the skill. Items with the name Unknown or in Different Language are not available in iRO server yet. For any items that are unclear, you can check in with the Discord community for clarification or Check them in game using Shopping Board.

IRO Related Gears 2.png

Common Gears

This Section will focus on gears that will be common across classes and skills, to get an idea about what will work for you if you have no skill specific gears to use.

Physical Attacks


There are Five major stat based builds that directly increase your Flat ATK or ATK values and they have associated Middle and Lower headgear combinations. Depending upon the chosen skill, you can select the headgear and Stat combination, though LUK build with is getting more and more famous.


  • Star Eyepatch & Orc Hero Card set & Vassalage Necklace: This set needs 120 VIT to get the optimal ATK boost (130 is possible, but not stats efficient). This set gives one of the lowest ATK boosts from the gears but provides high Hard Defense and HP, making a tankier build. Extra LUK helps boost the VIT values even more. The Vassalage Necklace will boost Damage even further with STR and LUK.
  • Imperial Feather & Royal Guard Necklace set: This set needs 120 AGI to get the maximum ATK boost from the set. This set gives one of the lowest ATK boosts from the gears, but the flee from AGI stat helps reduce the potion costs during leveling, while also giving some status effect immunity. It is also rather easy to achieve 193 ASPD.
  • Seraphim Coronet: This build needs 120 INT to get the maximum ATK boost from the middle headgear. This setup gives the best Flat ATK boost from the gears. The extra SP helps to reduce the SP item consumption. This can be combined with Blood Sucker, Tengu Scroll, or Vassalage Necklace for HP leech or further Damage Boost. This build also works best if Variable Cast time for your skill is an issue.
  • Little Garden & Vassalage Necklace: This build needs 125 STR/LUK to get the maximum ATK boost from the headgears. This setup gives lowest Flat ATK boost, out of all the available options but is the best option for Crit based skills and using it with other Gears (Ring of Jupiter).
  • Sunglasses[1] or Sunglasses or Glasses[1] or Glasses & Mob Scarf: This build needs STR/LUK to get the maximum ATK boost from the headgears. This setup does not give a Flat ATK boost, but it is one of the cheapest set available for new players. It helps with crit skills as well and can be used with Ring of Jupiter.

Further Help

For any further or specific information, the iRO Wiki Discord group will be able to help.

Additional Comments

Note: Please add any new information below this line and I will add it to the main section