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Note: This guide is a Work-in-Progress. We will always find new tips and tricks to play this game a little better. After there is enough tips, I will remove this note but will still encourage people to add their tips to the comment section.
Note: The purpose of this guide to help new or returning players catch up on the all the updates and tricks to play and enjoy this game. Please do not suggest any Bad Practices or Bannable Tricks!

Starting Out

After creating a novice on your account, first check if Warp Portal's Booster Event is running. For more information about this event click here.

After leaving the ship, speak with Agi Up npc izlude178208 After this, it's recomennded to visit Criatura Academy in Izlude izlude129254

When inside, speak with Academy receptionist to register.

Academy receptionist.png

Registration will grant you free equipment and potions:

After this speak with Eden Teleport Officer near receptionist on the right. For more information about Eden Group please click here Eden teleporter.png

Inside speak with Secretery Lime Evenormoc_para012630 and choose the option - Join the Eden Group.

Secretary Lime Evenor.png

After joining the Eden Group you will receive the following:

After this head to the exit portal and feel free to do the following:

  • Take the Academy Tutorials
  • Take the Enchant Tutorial located Southwest of Izlude (Recommended)
  • Hunt Monsters outside of Izlude

After reaching Job Level 10, head back to Criatura Acedemy and up the 2nd floor and choose which class you like to take (certain classes may still need to undergo tests). For more information about classes check here.


After changing class, check Bounty Boards and Eden Group Leveling Quests to decide on your next destination for leveling (Recommended Town: Payon).

Merchants and Acolyte Classes can take advantage of Mercenary System to help with leveling.

Starting at Level 12, you can obtain basic equipment from the Eden Group which should be enough up to level 99.
Talk to Instructor Boya at the front desk to start the Eden Group Equipments Quests.

Eden Group also has a Dungeon Teleporter which teleports you to some dungeons for a one-time booking fee.
Certain classes are required to take their next job in order to complete Instructor Ur's Eden Equipment Quest which starts at level 60.

Leveling recommendation

For fast leveling, you need the following gear in order to do this with ease, even though its not mandatory. Only meant for the first 100 levels, after that you need the corresponding gear for each class.

Places to go

  • 1 - 70: Alberta Sunken Ship Floor 1 treasure016922
  • 70 - 85: El Mes Plateau yuno_fild04231288
  • 85 - 150: Low/Mid/High TI with Gramps
  • 150 - 175: Illusion of Abyss Turtle Island
  • 175 - 180: Abyss Glast Heim
  • 180 - 187: Einbech Dungeon F3
  • 187 - 192: Ancient Odin Temple
  • 192 - 200: Abyss Lake F4

Additional Comments

Note: Please add any new information below this line and I will format and add it to the main section

Suggestions from mebo

I'm a new/returning player myself and am a perfect consumer for this guide. There are a few things in this guide I would alter and some I'd also think would be helpful to add here.


  • For the leveling recommendation items, a new player isn't going to have access to that amount of funds for those items. I just searched those up on the shop and those prices range from 70M - 500M. This may not seem like much to an existing player, but it's nowhere near obtainable for someone starting out.
  • For "Places to go" when leveling, Alberta Sunken Floor is not a new-player friendly place to go. shows levels 34, 42 and 48. This level range should be adjusted. When I started, I grinded one map south of Prontera for awhile. Rockers are also great experience. Of course there are several other zones, but Alberta Sunken Floor is not good to start with.
  • How to get to these maps in "Places to go" would also be helpful. As a brand new player and especially as a non-VIP player, you are very likely not going to have the starting funds to afford teleporting around with Kafra, so this should be taken into consideration too.

New Content

  • It would be helpful to highlight how the Shopping Board works. I haven't played iRO in years, but I don't recall this being a thing when I played. The quirk with having to close/re-open the window after each search should also be highlighted (because of the one search at a time limitations).
  • For leveling, the Eden quests and Bounty Boards should be considered. Although they don't provide an immense amount of experience or anything, they're still a viable way to level. I used the 1-20 board for 150 Rockers and 150 Elder Willows myself.
  • Some methods to earning some starting zeny would be nice. Potions get spammed early and it's hard to generate enough zeny to keep up with the demand (depending on where you're leveling). I made 60K selling Jellopies and found out that players will buy Sticky Webfoot for a decent amount of zeny. Where and how to farm for those should be highlighted.
  • How to identify items? This seems pretty obvious, but to a new player, it may not be. Where to buy a Magnifier, etc.
  • How the mail system works -- claiming dailies, etc.
  • How /navi <loc> <coords> works.
  • Explain how Gramps works. Probably not worth going into too much detail as there's another write up about him, but a short mention.
  • Mention of accompanying resources to the wiki. is a great resource for finding where items drop, monster locations, etc.

I am sure I will think of more as I'm playing (I just made a new character on a fresh account that's 54/4), but that's all I've got for now.