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Note: This guide is a Work-in-Progress. We will always find new tips and tricks to play this game a little better. After there is enough tips, I will remove this note but will still encourage people to add their tips to the comment section.
Note: The purpose of this guide to help new or returning players catch up on the all the updates and tricks to play and enjoy this game. Please do not suggest any Bad Practices or Bannable Tricks!

Starting Out

  • Create a novice on your account and check if Warp Portal's Booster Event is running. For more information about this event click here.
  • After leaving the ship, speak with Agi Up npc izlude178208. This will help you to move around places much faster.
  • Using the minimap visit the NPCs with "Quest" Dialog. These quests award Novice Potions, Fly wings and Butterfly Wings. They also award some small experience.
  • After this, it's recomennded to visit Criatura Academy in Izlude izlude129254

Criatura Academy

When inside, speak with Academy receptionist to register.

Academy receptionist.png

Registration will grant you free equipment and potions:

  • Take the Academy Tutorials
  • Take the Enchant Tutorial located Southwest of Izlude (Recommended)
  • Hunt Monsters outside of Izlude

After reaching Job Level 10, head back to Criatura Acedemy and up the 2nd floor and choose which class you like to take (certain classes may still need to undergo tests). For more information about classes check here.


Eden Group

Speak with Eden Teleport Officer to visit the Eden Group.

Eden teleporter.png

For more information about Eden Group please click here

Inside speak with Secretery Lime Evenormoc_para012630 and choose the option - Join the Eden Group.

Secretary Lime Evenor.png

On joining the Eden Group you will receive the following:

Starting at Level 12, you can obtain basic equipment from the Eden Group which should be enough up to level 99.

Eden Group also has a Dungeon Teleporter which teleports you to some dungeons for a one-time booking fee.

Certain classes are required to take their next job in order to complete Instructor Ur's Eden Equipment Quest which starts at level 60.


After changing class, check Bounty Boards and Eden Group Leveling Quests to decide on your next destination for leveling (Recommended Town: Payon). Merchants and Acolyte Classes can take advantage of Mercenary System to help with leveling.

Leveling Tip

For fast leveling, you need the following gear in order to do this with ease, even though its not mandatory. Only meant for the first 100 levels, after that you need the corresponding gear for each class.

Places to go

One of the Possible Routes for Leveling

Additional Comments

Note: Please add any new information below this line and I will format and add it to the main section

Leveling Tip

Places to go

Eden Group Leveling Quests and Bounty Board Quests are the game's way of suggesting mobs for you to level up against. And don't consider the quests by Eden Group as quests you need to be in a party in to complete. The "group" part of Eden Group is simply part of the organization's name. Additional leveling suggestions tailored to your class can be located on your class' respective wiki page. The Leveling Spots page also has recommendations of where to level up. If you're having trouble with mobs in the recommended areas then make sure you're doing Eden Group Equipments Quests to get gear. And make sure to buy a shield if you're playing a class that is using a one handed weapon and can equip a shield. For example the thief can equip a guard or a buckler from the armor merchant once you choose to switch to that class from the novice class.

Should you instead want to find your own way around and see whether you can fight certain mobs, there is always the Navigation window in-game that can help find mobs and their details. Start by finding the name of a mob that you wish to fight (like Orc Warriors for the Geffen bounty board quests), then open the navigation window and type in the name of the monster you want to fight into the navigation window and press Enter. If you were to type in orc warrior it will bring up 3 entries, [M][3] Orc warrior, [N][1] Orc Warrior and [M][1] Orc Warrior. The M stands for monster and N stands for NPC and the numbers inside the square brackets are the number of locations which have that monster there. Click the top M orc warrior entry and it will show a picture of the orc on the right hand side of the window as well as that the monster is level 44. It will also show 3 areas that have orc warriors on the right side of the window, gef_fild03, gef_fild10 and gef_fild14. Click either gef_fild03 or gef_fild10 and then click the find button. You should see arrows on the ground if you were successful at working with the navigation window. I recommend finishing up by opening your map and seeing where the game wants you to go to get to your destination.

A screenshot of incorrect pathing determined by the navigation system

Just keep in mind that the navigation window has its share of issues. One thing you can do to try and fix navigation issues is to check that the service checkbox is checked on the right hand side of the navigation window. When this setting is checked it will make it so that the navigation system will take routes that cost money. However, sometimes no matter what the setting of that checkbox is set to, the navigation method will direct you to take routes which involve the dungeon teleporter NPCs like Cool Event Voting Staff or Kafra Voting Staff to get, for example, from Payon to Prontera. See the screenshot on the right for an example of what the Payon to Prontera navigation looks like. This suggested route will take you through Glast Heim which has level 100 mobs in the area. Also, depending on the results of in-game voting, one of the dungeon teleporter employees won’t let you teleport to the destinations they offer. However, the navigation system will still recommend that you walk over to them. So, if you're trying to get from Payon to Prontera just use the Kafra employee's teleport service. Or walk there.

Shopping Boards

Shopping board look and layout

Shopping Boards allow you to search other players’ shops (but only within in the map you are located in) for items that they are willing to buy and sell. Should you wish to view a shop’s expanded details you can double click the shop’s name in the Shop Name column. If you need to view an item’s details you can right click the image of the item in the left-most column. There are a few tips listed below which need to be kept in mind when attempting to use or attempting to locate the shopping board in order to avoid frustration.

  • Searches are case sensitive. This means that typing in “red herb” instead of “Red Herb” will yield the result “Selected Item does not exist” at the bottom of the shopping board.
  • Searches are limited to one attempt per click of the Shopping Board. This means that once the Searches left: 1 field becomes 0 after a successful item search, you will need to close the shopping board window and then click the shopping board again to bring up the window to do another item search. Attempting another search when the Searches Left field is 0 results in the message “unable to search” showing at the bottom of the shopping board.
  • Pressing Enter clears the typed text instead of doing a search.
  • Shopping Boards are located in towns and have a radius of 3 tiles around them that players cannot stand still in. This makes the shopping boards fairly easy to locate once you get close enough. It also can lead to confusion for newer players that are trying to walk through their radius because they will suddenly stop being able to follow the navigation arrows if they aren’t clicking far enough away to walk through the radius.
  • Shopping Boards are not listed as an NPC that you can navigate to in the Navigation window. Because of this, it is recommended that you view the Shopping Board page to get their rough co-ordinates if you are having trouble locating one. The one you may most frequently be using is the one located at prontera160189. Simply click that blue text and it will copy the navigation information into your clipboard. Then press Enter in-game to bring up the chat, paste it in and the game will show you navigation arrows to roughly where that specific shopping board is located.

Earning Zeny

Let me preface this by saying that instead of treating the values I provide in this guide as set in stone prices, first read up on how to use Shopping Boards and adjust the prices accordingly. The values in this guide are mostly there to give you an idea of how much zeny you’re missing out on if you’re selling all your goods to NPCs.

The Sticky Webfoot Method

There are a number of ways to earn zeny. Most of them are already listed on the pages Making Zeny or Zeny Farming and present the information in a more condensed format than this guide. The easiest method that requires the least amount of set up for a newer player is obtaining and selling Sticky Webfoot. Players need Sticky Webfoot in order to complete quests to level up alts fast. You need zeny. Simple.

So, the first step to finding 918.png Sticky Webfoot or any other item in game is to utilize the wiki’s item/monster database. If you click the link I put in the previous sentence, it will bring up the wiki’s item database in your browser. That database page will show that Roda Frog drop them 90% of the time, it will also show that Roda Frogs are level 13 and that they can be located in Prontera Field 00. So, with that in mind, I will make two suggestions. Suggestion one shows you how to find Roda Frogs on your own using the navigation window so that you can eventually find other monsters/maps/items on your own. Suggestion 2 is directions on how to click the information I provide, paste it into the game and then you can head to your target if you don't want to learn how to use the in-game navigation window.

To learn the navigation window method:

  1. Go in game and open your navigation window then type in Roda Frog and press Enter. This will show 5 entries. The first two entries are champion monsters which provide extra experience when defeated and are slightly tougher than regular mobs. The third entry is where normal Roda Frogs are located.
  2. Click the third Roda Frog entry and it will show 4 entries under the Roda Frog image.
  3. Click prt_fild00. gef_fild01 is another option with a lot of Roda Frogs but it is a bit further to get to if you’re starting in Geffen instead of Prontera.
  4. Click the find button. This step will make the game show arrows on the ground for how to get to your destination quickly.
  5. Get to the location and get farming.

To learn the simpler method:

  1. Click one of the following links to copy it to your computer’s clipboard prt_fild00189151 or gef_fild01370116 (this one is a bit further to get to if you’re starting in Geffen)
  2. Paste it in chat in game and the game will show navigation arrows on the ground.
  3. Get to the location and get farming.

If you're having troubles with the navigation system, I provided one example of how the navigation system is unreliable in the leveling tips section above. The navigation system is useful to locate what field a monster is located in, but sometimes you have to find your own way to your destination.

Once you have those Sticky Webfoot other players will buy them from you at their stalls for 800-1500 zeny depending on the market. If you’re not in a rush to sell them I recommend seeing what prices are offered in Geffen, Payon or the main trading area Prontera for them. Or, you can set up your own stall and try to sell them for roughly 2,500 zeny. I recommend switching to an alt to check the prices people are offering at those cities' Shopping Board.

Finding Alternatives to the Sticky Webfoot Method

The most important thing to ask yourself when researching what to buy and sell in any Massively Multiplayer Online game is "Why are people buying or selling something?" And the answer is usually more detailed than "Because someone needs it."

If you want to find items that players need for turn-in quests that are similar to Sticky Webfoot, check out the Eden Group Leveling Quests page for the sections on collecting missions. You could also check out what items are needed for the Mora Daily Quests page. These quests reward Mora Coins for Mora Equipment. Another page with items that people might buy from you is the Catalyst Items page which lists items required for certain skills.

If you don't want to look items up and just want a quick recommendation of what else to farm then Strawberries from either Spores (which are level 18) in pay_fild083074 or Yoyo (which are level 38) in prt_fild0330249 are good options. I’ve seen Strawberries being sold for 2000 by other players at the cheapest but they only have a 6% drop rate from Spores and 10% on Yoyos compared to the 90% drop rate of Sticky Webfoot from Roda Frogs. The reason why Strawberries and other SP recovery items are in demand is because NPC vendors don’t sell SP recovery items.

If you decide to farm Yoyo mobs for Strawberries, keep in mind that while Yoyos are passive, they will assist other Yoyo once a fight starts. And combined with the fact that they are looters, you likely wont be looting anything yourself until almost everything around you is dead because the Poporing in the area are also looters. If you decide to go over 50% carry capacity to grab all the loot while farming strawberries in this area (due to how far away Prontera is), I recommend eating the bananas you pick up in order to restore your HP. That way you can continue to ignore the penalty towards HP regeneration.

If you decide to farm Spores keep in mind that while it costs 120 zeny to get to Payon, it will cost 2000 zeny to get back to Prontera and there isn't a Payon to Izlude teleport service. I don't recommend using the navigation window to try and find your way back to Izlude or Prontera. It will recommend teleporting to outside the dungeon Glast Heim and there are level 100 Gargoyles on that map. Not that many but still enough to kill your character if you follow its directions.

Higher level mobs like Stalactic Golems are going to drop things like Brigan worth 373 zeny and Mud Lumps worth 438 zeny for a total of roughly 811 zeny per kill worth of vendor items fairly consistently and occasionally drop things like Elunium 1.64% of the time (I have seen stalls offer to buy Elunium for 10,000 zeny each). So, while it is potentially less zeny per kill depending on what you kill at higher levels, you’re gaining exp while farming and occasionally getting a high value item when killing those higher level mobs compared to just farming Sticky Webfoot. The only downside is that there are level 98 Nereids in Beach Dungeon 2 where the level 68 Stalactic Golems can be found in abundance. They're not too tough as one part of the Eden Group Equipments Quests takes place in that dungeon and those quests don't tend to put you in too much danger, but they are tougher than the golems. If you find that you can't fight the Nereids but you still want to farm there, you could avoid them with fly wings and see where those place you in the dungeon.

How to Avoid Spending Zeny

Now, instead of talking about how to get zeny, lets talk about how to not spend your hard earned zeny. More specifically, how to avoid spending all your zeny on hp recovery items. I am going to preface this section by saying this, you will find better healing options at higher levels in either the “useful recovery items” section of your class’ wiki page or on the Healing Items wiki page.

Of the many healing items out there Fresh Fish and Meat seem like the best options for recovering hp for lower level characters. 579.png Fresh Fish has the best weight to healing ratio of the two options. It is the best choice for those longer leveling sessions or using on weaker characters. However, Fresh Fish can be quite expensive in my opinion if you’re burning through them. You can buy them from a cooking merchant for 250 zeny. It heals for 100 ~ 150 and has a weight of 2. I don’t think the cooking merchants have been added to the wiki’s database yet. So, if you want to find a cooking merchant in game you will need to use the in-game navigation window. 517.png Meat is the cheapest but also the heaviest of the two options. If you’re healing with Meat purchased from a meat merchant it will cost 50 to heal 70 ~ 100 and have a weight of 15. Meat merchants are found in Izlude, Lighthalzen, Morroc and Prontera. This means you will need an alt in one of those cities to buy meat, store it, then retrieve it from storage on the character you want to continue playing if you’re near a city without a meat merchant. Or you could just buy a large batch of Meat and throw it in storage. The Healing Items wiki page also mentions that you could RODex Meat to yourself.

Another suggestion I have for saving money is to look into what events are active. As of writing this guide, there are cookies that drop when you beat up Aldebaran Mystcases and Aldebaran Siromas. Those cookies heal 5% hp and give boosts like +10% atk, increased attack speed and +30 hit for 10 minutes. It might be enough to turn a 3 hit mob into a 2 hit mob or prevent the enemy from getting an extra attack in on you. The only downside is that the mobs which drop those cookies take 10 hits to kill which can be a pain at lower levels with less agility to make your swings faster. So, in order to make the event buffs last longer, I hold off on using them until my hp is low enough that I can use 1 of each cookie which will heal 20% of my hp.

I can’t stress how important the Eden Group Equipments Quests line of quests are to get gear appropriate for your level and to reduce the damage you’re taking. And the best part is that you don’t have to hand over zeny to npcs to get gear to level up to 99.

Also, Blacksmith Thorn will enchant your Eden Group Armor, Eden Group Manteau II, or Eden Group Boots IV with 2 random enchantments provided you give him some items. He requests you bring him 20 iron ore and 10 iron at levels 60-79 or that you bring him 20 used iron plates at levels 80+. This can be repeated once per day with 0 chance of failure regardless of whether its already enchanted or not. Weapons Expert BK will enchant an Eden Group Weapon III a total of 3 times and the weapon enchantments are permanent. He requires you to have completed the level 70+, 80+ and 90+ Eden Group Equipments Quests for each enchantment. Completing a 90+ Eden Group Equipments Quest should provide access to all 3 enchantments.

Keep in mind if you’re using a single handed weapon, you should look into whether your class can equip a shield like a Guard or Buckler in your offhand. For example, when you switch from Novice to a Thief, the game doesn’t provide you with a free shield to indicate that you can use certain shields. And using a shield will raise your defense by 20-40 which will make your healing items last considerably longer.

It is also a good idea to keep track of how close you are to leveling up your base level to save zeny spent on hp and sp restoring items. I like to run around with at most half hp and sp when I get close to leveling up my base level because those hp and sp bars will refill to full upon leveling up.

Minimizing expenses also includes reducing how often you put things into storage to avoid the 500 zeny fee. I’m only mentioning that fee in case you aren’t aware of the storage costs, find yourself accessing storage excessively, then wondering where your zeny went.

Identifying items

An unidentified item with grey text

So you have a piece of equipment with grey text that can’t be equipped and when you right click the item the description says to appraise it. Gear that is found off of monsters has to be identified either with magnifiers or the merchant class’ skill “item appraisal”. You get some magnifiers as a part of the tutorial but let’s assume you don’t have any in your inventory.

In order to locate a magnifier you could either search the item database for a Magnifier or search for a Tool Merchant using the in-game navigation system. The Tool Merchant in Izlude is located at izlude_in57110.

Once you have a magnifier in your inventory you need to double click it to appraise an item. The game will then pop up a window showing all unappraised items in your inventory. Click one of the items and press OK. If you have no items in your inventory that can be appraised when you double click the magnifier, it will get used up anyway.

It works similarly for the Merchant class’ Item Appraisal skill. Double click the skill or, if you dragged the skill onto your skill bar, press the key associated with that skill. Then a window will pop up showing all unappraised items in your inventory. Click one of the items and click OK.

Once identified the gear will have white text and show a number in square brackets. This number is for how many cards can be slotted into the piece of equipment. If you want to read more about carding equipment I recommend reading the Card System page. However, due to the price of cards, this feature of the game may be out of your reach for a while.


Here’s a tip to getting around faster. You know how you get 601.png Fly Wings as part of the tutorial, or you can buy them from the tool merchant, or even find them being dropped by MVPs? If you have to travel from the eastern map edge to the western map edge, you can use a couple fly wings to try and get in the middle of the map to cut half the travel time off of that map. If you get closer to your destination its even more time shaved off traversing the area. This strategy doesn’t work as well on a map like Prontera Field 04 because the map is split down the middle which could strand you on the wrong side of the map if you didn’t bring enough fly wings. Unless your goal is to use fly wings to get across the divide without having to take the long way around.

Suggestions from mebo

I'm a new/returning player myself and am a perfect consumer for this guide. There are a few things in this guide I would alter and some I'd also think would be helpful to add here.


  • For the leveling recommendation items, a new player isn't going to have access to that amount of funds for those items. I just searched those up on the shop and those prices range from 70M - 500M. This may not seem like much to an existing player, but it's nowhere near obtainable for someone starting out.
  • For "Places to go" when leveling, Alberta Sunken Floor is not a new-player friendly place to go. shows levels 34, 42 and 48. This level range should be adjusted. When I started, I grinded one map south of Prontera for awhile. Rockers are also great experience. Of course there are several other zones, but Alberta Sunken Floor is not good to start with.
  • How to get to these maps in "Places to go" would also be helpful. As a brand new player and especially as a non-VIP player, you are very likely not going to have the starting funds to afford teleporting around with Kafra, so this should be taken into consideration too.

New Content

  • It would be helpful to highlight how the Shopping Board works. I haven't played iRO in years, but I don't recall this being a thing when I played. The quirk with having to close/re-open the window after each search should also be highlighted (because of the one search at a time limitations).
  • For leveling, the Eden quests and Bounty Boards should be considered. Although they don't provide an immense amount of experience or anything, they're still a viable way to level. I used the 1-20 board for 150 Rockers and 150 Elder Willows myself.
  • Some methods to earning some starting zeny would be nice. Potions get spammed early and it's hard to generate enough zeny to keep up with the demand (depending on where you're leveling). I made 60K selling Jellopies and found out that players will buy Sticky Webfoot for a decent amount of zeny. Where and how to farm for those should be highlighted.
  • How to identify items? This seems pretty obvious, but to a new player, it may not be. Where to buy a Magnifier, etc.
  • How the mail system works -- claiming dailies, etc.
  • How /navi <loc> <coords> works.
  • Explain how Gramps works. Probably not worth going into too much detail as there's another write up about him, but a short mention.
  • Mention of accompanying resources to the wiki. is a great resource for finding where items drop, monster locations, etc.

I am sure I will think of more as I'm playing (I just made a new character on a fresh account that's 54/4), but that's all I've got for now.