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Music List

# Title Map Artist Official distribution Note
01 Title Login soundTeMP Special Edition
02 Gambler of highway Arena
PvP Nightmare mode
Job test area
03 Peaceful Forest Payon Forest 1~4,8,11
Sograt Desert 2,3,13
soundTeMP Special Edition
04 I miss you Prontera Field 9~11
Geffen Field 11
soundTeMP Special Edition
05 Tread on the ground Prontera Field 0,2~4,7 soundTeMP
06 Risk your life Nogg Road
Battle Ordeal Mode
07 Wind of Tragedy Guild War Arena soundTeMP
08 Theme of Prontera Prontera soundTeMP Special Edition
09 Great honor Prontera Castle
Valkyrie Hall
Prontera Prison (EP16)
10 Divine Grace Prontera Sanctuary
Memorial of Royal Family (EP16)
Ritual Room (EP16)
soundTeMP Special Edition
11 Theme of Morroc Paradise Group
Inside Morroc
soundTeMP Special Edition
12 Streamside Prontera Field 1,5,6,8 soundTeMP Special Edition
13 Theme of Geffen Geffen
Geffen Magic Competition
14 Theme of Payon Payon
Archer Village
soundTeMP Special Edition
15 Theme of Alberta Alberta soundTeMP
16 Labyrinth Labyrinth Forest soundTeMP
17 Tresure Hunter Sunken Ship soundTeMP
18 Time up!! Turbo Track Stadium
PvP Room Rock On
19 Under the ground Prontera Culvert
Wave Dungeon (forest)
20 Ancient groover Payon Cave 1~3F soundTeMP Special Edition
21 Through the tower Geffen Dungeon 1~2F soundTeMP Special Edition
22 Backattack!! Pyramid Dungeon
Thief Guild
Nightmare Pyramid
23 Travel Geffen Field 1,5,6,8,9 soundTeMP
24 Desert Sograt Desert 1,4~7 soundTeMP Special Edition
25 Plateau Geffen Field 0,4,7 soundTeMP Special Edition
26 Everlasting Wanderers Izlude
Criatura Academy
soundTeMP Special Edition
27 Dreamer's Dream Mjolnir Dead Pit soundTeMP
28 You're in ruins St.Capitolina Abbey
29 Be Nice 'n Easy Undersea Tunnel 1~3F soundTeMP
30 One Step Closer Training Ground soundTeMP Special Edition Training Ground are obsolete
31 Brassy Road Mt.Mjolnir 1,6,7,9 soundTeMP
32 File does not exist
33 Yuna Song Mt.Mjolnir 2~4,8 soundTeMP
34 Pampas Upas Mt.Mjolnir 5,10~12 soundTeMP
35 TeMPoison Geffen Field 2,3,10
Orc village
36 Nano East Payon Forest 5~7,9,10
Faceworm's Nest
soundTeMP Special Edition
37 TeMPorsche Sograt Desert 8~12,14,15,17~19
Fortress Saint Darmain (East)
Sara's Memory
soundTeMP Special Edition
38 Hamatan Sphinx soundTeMP Special Edition
39 Theme of Al de Baran Al De Baran
Alchemist Realm
soundTeMP Special Edition
40 Fear... Glast Heim St.Abbey
Glast Heim Churchyard
Glast Heim Underprison
Nightmare Churchyard
Guild Arena Waiting Room
soundTeMP Soundtrack name "Monk Zonk"
41 Rag All Night Long Karu, the West cave
Ruande the northern cave
Mao, the East Cave
42 Curse'n Pain Glast Heim
The Lowest Cave in Glast Heim
Glast Heim Staircase Dungeon
Valhalla Prison
43 Morning Gloomy Glast Heim 1,2F
Nightmare Glast Heim 2nd Hall
Glast Heim Staircase Dungeon
Valhalla Prison
44 TeMP it Up Glast Heim Chivalry
Old Glast Heim
Guild Dungeon
Hall of Abyss
Subterranean Guild Dungeon
Valhalla Prison
45 Don't Piss me Off Sograt Desert 16 soundTeMP
46 An Ant-lion's Pit Ant Hell soundTeMP
47 Welcome Mr. Hwang Payon Cave 4,5F soundTeMP
48 Help Yourself Orc Dungeon
Subterranean Orc Cave
Glast Heim Culvert
49 Watery Grave Undersea Tunnel 4~6F soundTeMP
50 Out of Curiosity Geffen Dungeon 3,4F soundTeMP
51 Believe in myself 2nd job change test area soundTeMP
52 Ready~ Byalan Island
Alberta Ship
Morroc Ruins
PvP Arena Waiting room
Poring War Waiting room
53 White Christmas soundTeMP Christmas season's Lutie
54 Come on my deer!! soundTeMP Christmas season's Alberta, Hugel
55 Welcome, my lord Lutie Field soundTeMP Christmas season's Prontera
56 Silver Bell soundTeMP Christmas season's Al De Baran, Izlude, Prontera Sanctuary
57 Don't cry, baby soundTeMP Christmas season's Geffen
58 Jingle Bell on Ragnarok Toy Factory soundTeMP
59 Theme of Lutie / Snow In My Heart Lutie soundTeMP
60 Aeon Clock Tower
Nightmare Clock Tower
Rogue Guild
Dimensional Gap
61 Zingaro Clock Tower Underground soundTeMP
62 High Roller Coaster Comodo
Comodo Theatre
63 Mucho Gusto Pharos
Comodo beach 1~6,9
Umbala Field 1,3
64 One Fine Day West Orc Village
Kordt Forest
soundTeMP Special Edition
65 Into the Abyss Turtle Island soundTeMP
66 Wanna Be Free!! WoE Field
WoE Castle
soundTeMP Special Edition
67 TeMPotato soundTeMP Disused by Juno extension patch
68 Jazzy Funkey Sweety Umbala soundTeMP
69 Retro Metro Odin Shrine's Underground soundTeMP
70 Theme of Juno Juno
soundTeMP Special Edition
71 Antique Cowboy Juno Field 1,2,8,9,11,12 soundTeMP
72 Big Guys Love This Juno Field 3~7,10
Hugel Field 1,4,7
Remnant Hideout (EP16)
73 Higher than the sun Amatsu Field
Gonryun Field
74 Not so far away Gonryun soundTeMP
75 Come, and Get it! Gonryun Dungeon
Gonryun Arena
Turbo Track Stadium
Wave Dungeon (sky)
76 Purity of your smile Amatsu soundTeMP Special Edition
77 Can't go home again, baby Amatsu Dungeon
Momotaro Experience Place
78 adios Umbala Field 2,4 soundTeMP
79 The Great Louyang
Louyang Field
80 Jumping Dragon Louyang Dungeon soundTeMP
81 Thai Orchid Ayothaya
Ayothaya Field 1
82 Muay Thai King Ayothaya Field 2
Ancient Shrine
83 Sleepless Hvergelmir's Fountain soundTeMP
84 Christmas in the 13th Month Nifflheim soundTeMP Special Edition
85 Dancing Christmas in the 13th Month Nifflheim Field soundTeMP
86 Steel Me Einbroch
Kiehl's Room
soundTeMP Special Edition
87 Ethnica Einbroch Field
88 Come in Peace Mine Dungeon soundTeMP
89 We have Lee but you don't have Ruins of Juperos
Kiehl's Room
Verus Tunnel Outskirts (EP15)
90 Noblesse Oblige Lighthalzen
soundTeMP Special Edition
91 CheongChoon Lighthalzen Field 1~3
Hugel Field 2,3
92 Naive Rave Robot Factory
Cube Room
Somatology Laboratory
Wolfchev's Lab
93 Latinnova Hugel
Bingo Game Room
94 Theme of Rael Rachel soundTeMP
95 Underneath The Temple Freya Grand Temple
Holy Ground
Old Glast Heim (HTp3)
96 Yetit Petit Ice Cave soundTeMP
97 Lastman Dancing Rachel Field 2,3,7,8,10~13 soundTeMP Special Edition kRO media name "Lastman Dancing"
98 Top Hoppy Rachel Field 1,4~6,9 soundTeMP
99 Uncanny Lake Hugel Field 5 Nikacha(soundTeMP) Diverted from TalesWeaver 0118.mp3
100 Abyss Abyss Lake Underground Cave
Misty Island
101 AbSolitude Shadow Workshop
Kiel Hyre Academy
Kiel Hyre's Cottage
Kiel Hyre's Mansion
102 Erebos' Prelude Thanatos Tower 1,2F
Battle Field Waiting Room
Poring War
Devil Tower
103 Invisible Invasion Thanatos Tower Unknown Area
Geffen Magic Competition
104 On Your Way Back Veins
Veins Field 6
105 Rose of Sharon Veins Field 1~5,7 soundTeMP
106 Sleeping Volcano Thor Volcano soundTeMP
107 Seven Days Seven Nights Thanatos Tower 3~6F soundTeMP
108 Angelica Thanatos Tower 7~12F
Thanatos Tower Upper Level
109 Alpen Rose Hugel Field 6
Morestone Prairie
110 Kingdom Memories Odin Shrine
111 Good Morning Nameless Island soundTeMP Nameless Island Quest map
112 Good Night Nameless Island
Devil Tower
113 Monastery In Disguise Cursed Monastery
Devil Tower
114 Theme of Moscovia Moscovia Neocyon
115 Tale of the East Moscovia Ship
Moscovia Field 2
116 Away from Home Moscovia Forest Neocyon
117 Dream of a Whale somewhere in Moscovia
Palace of Ghost
118 Taiko's Fury que_ba soundTeMP Crow of Destiny Quest map
119 Stained Memories Morocc soundTeMP
120 Fissure Eruption Continental Guard Quarantine
Dimensional Gorge
121 Outer Breath Dimensional Gorge
Underground Tunnel (EP15)
122 Ethical Aspiration Cave village
Underground Bunker (EP15)
123 Into The Arena! Krieger von Midgards
Tierra Canyon
124 Stranger Aeons Sealed Shrine
Underground Bunker (EP15)
Nightmare Somatology Laboratory
125 Forbidden Anguish Endless Tower
Prontera Dungeon (EP16)
126 New World Order Rune Midgard Allied Forces Post soundTeMP
127 Mystic Haze Manuk Field Warren
128 Splendid Dreams Splendide Field Workspace
129 Fireflies Heaven Yggdrasil Root
Nidhoggur's Nest
130 Dread and Bold Nidhoggur's Nest soundTeMP
131 Daytime in Manuk Manuk Workspace
132 March with Irish Whistle Splendide
Shelter of Rebellion
133 Sunny Side of Life Brasilis Denis Koishi
134 Borborema Brasilis Field Denis Koishi
135 At Dusk Beyond the Waterfall Denis Koishi
136 Emotion Creep Kamidal Tunnel
Scaraba Hall
Skarava hall
137 Dazzling Snow El Dicastes
Dicastes Diel
138 TeMPlatonic Kamidal Mountain soundTeMP
139 Sugar Cane Carnival Mora Village Take One Media
140 Twilight Heaven Bifrost Bridge
Blooming Flower Land
Take One Media
141 Tricky Cheeky Hazy Maze Forest Take One Media
142 Arrival Dewata Take One Media
143 Mother Earth Dewata Field
Paradise Group Market
Take One Media
144 Silent Voyage Dewata Dungeon Take One Media
145 Marshmallow Waltz Malangdo Take One Media
146 Diamond Dust Starry Coral Area Take One Media
147 Octopus Scramble Octopus Cave Take One Media
148 Melt Down! Malangdo Culvert Take One Media
149 Theme of Port Malaya Port Malaya
Inside of Jeepney
Sound Dog
150 Uncanny Dreams Bangungot Hospital Moon Sung Gon
151 Maximum Bakonawa Hideout Moon Sung Gon
152 Voices Buwaya Cave
Wave Dungeon (lava)
Moon Sung Gon
153 Horizon Port Malaya Field
Bakonawa Lake
Sound Dog
154 Otherworld Bifrost Tower Sound Dog
155 Pachamama Eclage
Eclage Interior
Eclage Perimeter
Avant's Laboratory
Sound Dog
156 Beyond The Grave Demon God Temple Sound Dog
157 Disillusion Bios Island StyleM
158 Indelible Scars Mors Cave Sound Dog
159 Judgement Flame Basin
Flame Cave
Sound Dog
160 Jittering Nightmare Jitterbug of Nightmare
Charleston Factory (EP15)
161< Forest of Despiar Verus 1,2 (EP15) Moon Sung Gon
162 Dark Light Central Laboratory (EP15)
Infinite Space
Moon Sung Gon
163 Lost souls Last Room (EP15) Moon Sung Gon
164 From the Grave verus 4 (EP15)
Verus Central Plaza (EP15)
Moon Sung Gon
165 Apex Fortress Aerial Fortress (EP16) soundTeMP
166 Brutal Ritual Ritual Room (EP16) soundTeMP
167 Shade of a Shadow Invaded Prontera (EP16) soundTeMP
168 How to rescue our dragon Lasagna Dungeon MADMAX
169 Welcome to Doram town Lasagna Field MADMAX
170 Little kitty's adventure Lasagna MADMAX
171 Django vs Yojimbo Rock Ridge soundTeMP
172 Macaroni Express Rock Ridge Field soundTeMP
174 Ethnically Diverse ? ESTIMATE
175 Cat on Bullet ? ESTIMATE
176 Tears of Deviant ? ESTIMATE
997 Silence Horror Toy Factory Soundless


Soundtrack of Brasilis and EP15 later does not exist yet.

No164 "From the Grave" high quality sound ver on distribution for limited time. (Finished time, jRO official blog)

Title Db Note
Ragnarok Online OriginalSoundtrack VGMdb No,01~52
controversial work CD, Sound quality same client data's mp3
Ragnarok Online Soundtrack VGMdb No,13~91 + arrange
RAGNAROK Online Complete Soundtrack VGMdb No,01~132 Full
Ragnarok Online Elemental Tunes VGMdb No,136~160 Full + arrange
Ragnarok Online soundTeMP Special Remix!! VGMdb soundTeMP's arrange
The memory of RAGNAROK VGMdb Special Edition arrange

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