Crow of Destiny Quest

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Crow of Destiny Quest
Base Level: 60
Base Experience: 90,000
Job Experience: 90,000
Item(s): 1 Old Purple Box
  1. At the Morroc Ruins, talk to the Book-Touching Man moc_ruins13670, who talks to you about the book lover Mammi, and tells you his name is Benjamin. He seems quite infatuated with Mammi, and asks you to find her favorite book, The Crow of the Fate by Oliver Hilpert at the Prontera Library.
  2. Head to the library in Pronteraprontera120264, and talk to the male Library Curator behind the desk.
    • He allows you to search for books by title and author.
    • Searching for either 'The Crow of the Fate' in titles or 'Oliver Hilpert' in authors will work.
    • Unfortunately, the library never got a copy, and he suggests you check the Juno Library instead.
  3. In Juno, head to the Library yuno338204 where you find a barking dog and the Library Curator outside. Apparently there is a huge crow on the library rooftop. The man throws a rock at the crow, but that just makes it start flying over the roof in circles. Some feathers fell off the crow, and the Library Master gives one to you.
  4. Go inside the Library, and talk to the Library Part-Timer, who says you can find the book in the room on the right side of the hall in the bestseller corner.
  5. Enter the room to her left (your right, it has two portals going into it), and find the Hot Bestseller Corner yuno_in041004. Investigate it, and you'll black out.
  6. You wake up in an unknown place, lit only by fires. There's a Female Researcher here, but when you try talking to her, you find she's some sort of ghost.
  7. Head inside the building, where you see a researcher who shouts out to everyone, warning them of the fires that seem to be consuming the lab.
    • Through the left portal, you find Grotesque people, who seem to have tentacles coming out of them.
    • Walk up towards the female, and you see them making their escape as the man appears to bury something, calling the female Eva.
  8. You're then taken to another place, now outside. (Be careful here, if you re-trigger the dialogue box while moving you'll be disconnected and sent back to your save point.) The two creatures then find a cave, where they decide to hide out. You're then transported back to the library.
  9. Walk back yuno_in04993, and you decide to open the book again. It tells you the same story that happened in your "dream", and you want to do more research on the fire that happened in it.
  10. Talk to the Library Part-Timer again, who tells you that the old news articles are found in the room opposite that of the first.
  11. You'll find the Old News Scrapbook yuno_in0411599 on the right bookcase. You search through it, and find an article about the fire. After reading it, you decide to look for the cave from your dream, in hopes of finding descendants from the incident.
  12. Go to the top left portal on Einbroch Fieldein_fild0128258, and go inside. You find yourself in a large cave filled with people and housing a small village. When you try to talk to people they quickly stop talking upon realizing that you're human. The village does have an NPC vendor that you can sell loot to if you are overweight.
    Hu fild01.png
  13. Upstairs, talk to the male Cave Settler (82, 97), and tell him you're looking for "Eva". Jaeda will appear. The conversation will continue and then you will be transported to the start of the black tunnel. The Cave Settler then lets you continue on your way.
  14. Walk through the black tunnel until you reach a room with a portal, then go through it. Keep walking through the next passageway, and talk to the Monsterous Man in the room at the end.
    • You show him the book, and is surprised, and tells you his name is Zid.
    • He used to be human, but volunteered for an experiment, along with Eva.
    • After the accident they started the cave village and he now leads and protects it.
    • Eva was in love with the lead researcher, who experimented on her, then killed himself after she mutated.
    • Eva saved one of the baby test subjects, who ran away when he was about 10. Eva disappeared soon after.
  15. Zid thinks that Oliver may be the test subject that Eva saved. He asks that you not tell anyone else about the cave and to leave them alone. Walk back thru the black tunnel to the village. (The game designers did put in a fair bit of detail into the other RPG aspects of the village. At this time, you may choose to explore other cave entrances in the village to explore the black tunnels leading to other chambers.)
  16. Go back to Book-Touching Man at the Morroc Ruins. You give him the book, and he shows you 2 photos of Mammi. He gives you Mammi's Photo Album, and suggests you read another book by Oliver Hilpert called the Trace of the Fate.
  17. Return to the Juno Library and talk to the Library Part-Timer, who tells you where you can find the book. Before you can find it however, you black out again.
  18. You wake up in a burning mansion, and find a man at the bottom of a staircase, lamenting what's happened. The fire then swallows him up, and you return to the library.
    • Talking to the Library Part-Timer, she says you blanked out for a minute, and suggests you go find the book.
  19. In the room at the end of the hall, and you find a Worn-out Book (165, 119) on a table.
    • After you read through it, you notice a Suspicious Man staring out you, who turns out to be Oliver Hilpert.
    • He signs his autograph for you, and tells you about his dreams.
    • Upon noticing you have the photo album from Benjamin, who he seems to admire.
    • You trade him the album for some information, and after reading a note he dropped, you are transported to the mansion again.
    • You receive 1 Old Purple Box, Author's Memo and Author's Autograph.
  20. After witnessing another scene, you're transported back to the library. Talk to Suspicious Person [Oliver Hilpert] and give his note back, and he tears it to pieces upon seeing the bird feather you got earlier.
  21. Return to Book-Touching Man [Benjamin], and you give him the Author's Memo and Author's Autograph from Oliver, who rewards you with Base and Job experience.