God Items Quest 3

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God Items Quest 3
Base Level: 1~99
Item(s) (Consumed): Varies (See Table)
Item(s): 2181.png Hervor -OR- 2020.png Jormungand

Castle Investment

Your castle needs to have an economy of 30 or higher in order to begin the quest.


There is a time limit of one hour to complete the quest. There is no death penalty inside the dungeon.
Any member of the guild may enter the dungeon as long as they meet the restrictions for War of Emperium: Training Edition. Standard TE rules apply within the dungeon; therefore Guild Skills are available.
You cannot start the quest 4 hours before WOE TE, and cannot proceed during the siege.


  1. The Guild Leader must talk to Blacksmith Kai in the Emperium room.
  2. After 10 minutes, all players present inside the castle are teleported outside the castle near the entrance.
    • An announcement will be made and the monsters will spawn inside the castle.
  3. Go inside Gloria1 or Kafragaeten1 and kill the monsters that spawn. Once all the normal monsters are cleared, the Waifu Guardian mobs will spawn and must be eliminated in order to continue.
  4. After the Waifu mobs are cleared, a green announcement will be made, and at this point the Guild Leader must talk to Blacksmith Kai.


The Waifu mobs will spawn once the normal monsters are cleared.

All area
First area
Second area
Third area
Fourth area
(Emperium Room)


Hervor / Gloria Jormungand / Kafragarten
6595.png 2 Velund Hammer 6603.png 4 Skin Of Hraesvelg
6596.png 1 Velund Anvil 6599.png 1 Spirit Of Hugin
6594.png 4 Magic Bronze Bullion 6598.png 1 Jormungand rib
6597.png 3 Velund Bracelet 6601.png 4 Chisel Of Giant
6602.png 1 Secret Of Rune 6600.png 1 Spirit Of Munin
6604.png 1 Essence Of Rune<ref>make 12735.png 200 Ancient Rough Runestone and 12736.png 100 Mystic Rough Runestone in Gloria1</ref> 6604.png 1 Essence Of Rune
6605.png 1 Muspellium<ref>make 985.png 50 Elunium and 984.png 50 Oridecon in Gloria1</ref> 6605.png 1 Muspellium
2115.png 1 Valkyrja's Shield 1473.png 1 Wizardry Staff


Strengthening Quest