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New WPS System

When the old WPS system became defunct with the arrival of Renewal it was replaced with an item form of WPS Point Token. These tokens come from WoE Supply Box which is obtainable from castle treasures in War of Emperium and War of Emperium 2.

These tokens can be converted into prizes through the NPC Farrah at either prontera158286 or auction_0314135. The second option is better for mass conversion because it is within viewing range of a Kafra.

Farrah provides 2 options, Purchase Supplies and Gift Supplies. The first option is to trade 1 WPS token + a zeny fee for items, which allows for a larger quantity trade(preferable). The second option directly trades 1 token to items without a zeny fee.

Note: It is important to make sure you have enough available weight limit/space before trading in tokens. Farrah will eat your token/zeny if you do not have space available.

When you talk to Farrah pick the option you wish to do, followed by which item you wish to receive. If you are purchasing them a box will pop up to type the amount of item you wish to purchase (limited by Purchase Limit). In the case of Witch Starsand you would type 4000 in order to receive the max of 4,000 starsands. A confirmation window will appear afterwards.

Purchase Supplies

In this method you trade WPS Point Token + zeny per item. There is a limit to how many of each item you can buy per token.

The best value per token comes from redeeming it for Witch Starsand. You can determine the value you should pay for each token by calculating the value of each starsand. [(WSS value x 4,000) - 6,000,000z] = value of token.

Purchase Limit Item Zeny per item
100 Karvodailnirol 20,000z
4,000 Witch Starsand 1,500z
200 Alcohol 5,000z
1,000 Immortal Heart 1,000z
200 Speed Potion 20,000z
500 Crystal Fragment 600z
100 Coldproof Potion 2,000z
100 Fireproof Potion 2,000z
100 Earthproof Potion 2,000z
100 Thunderproof Potion 2,000z
500 Blue Herb 4,000z

Gift Supplies

In this method you trade WPS Point Token directly for a specific amount of items. Choose 1 of the following item types and you will receive that specific amount of the item.

Amount Item
30 Karvodailnirol
1,500 Witch Starsand
60 Alcohol
300 Immortal Heart
30 Speed Potion
125 Blue Herb

War of Emperium Point System(Old)

Specific to iRO, the WoE Point System (WPS) awards points to registered guilds and alliances that hold castles through the War of Emperium system. To register your guild and alliance, you must first submit your alliance name (your choice) and a list of the guilds in your alliance. The alliance you submit will then be registered for the quarter; make sure the allies you specify on your e-mail are, in fact, your allies for the foreseeable future. With the coming of Renewal to iRO, WPS was suspended until further notice.


  • Only WoE 1.0 castles count for points:
    • A WoE castle win = 1 point for the guild and 1 point for the alliance.
    • A WoE castle hold = 3 points for the guild and 9 or 12 points for the alliance.
  • 1st place = 4 points bonus to each guild in alliance.
  • 2nd place = 3 points bonus to each guild in alliance.
  • 3rd place = 2 points bonus to each guild in alliance.


1. Alliances will be 3-4 registered guilds.

2. The in-game alliance does NOT matter; what is registered for determines how points are awarded.

3. Each guild will have its points individually tracked.

4. A guild "owning" a castle at the end of the WoE will earn 1 pt.

5. A successful hold will get 3 points for each guild in the alliance.

6. All points of the guilds in the alliance will be "pooled" into 1 grand total of points for the alliance.

7. If a guild withdraws from an alliance when it is not at a quarter break, all their points reduced to 0. (Points earned in one alliance do NOT transfer, the alliance will lose the points that guild earned for them).

8. Alt guilds can only be used if the guild it is substituting for DOES NOT PARTICIPATE that WoE. This should only be used when the real guild has a leader that has to be absent, it will not be used as a chance to accrue more points than otherwise possible.A group of persons may only be in 1 alliance at a time, in only 1 guild. Alt guilds used for the purpose of gaining more points for a small group of people breaks the system and is not fair. So the guilds charged for this will again lose their points. You are earning points for the alliance through your guilds efforts.

9. The top 3 places will get bonus alliance points at the end of the quarter. Points spent on prizes are taken from the ALLIANCE pool of points and distributed to the guilds at their discretion. Likely having a GM in-game talking with the 3-4 leaders is the way this will have to be done.

10. Alliance pool will be used to determine the "leaders" for the 1-3 and WPS entry.

11. Points the guild has are spendable by the individual guild, the alliance may work together to get expensive prizes.

12. A guild can spend its own points by itself. If it wants to spend 20 points and has 32 points, its "donation" is now 12, but the alliance points stay the same.

13. If a guild wants to give some of its points to another guild in the alliance it can do that via emailing in.

14. Any updates to the roster of alliance should be sent by all the guilds in the alliance so that it may be updated accordingly.


Note: If a god item is selected as a prize and the alliance held the castle from which that god item comes from, then the price for this prize is reduced by 10 WPS points.






  • 50 points Close all seals on Ymir.
  • 100 points Close all seals on Valkyrie.

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