Author Topic: Sniper blitzer help  (Read 3489 times)

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Sniper blitzer help
« on: June 06, 2014, 04:59:36 AM »
Bit background on my sniper and server:
Sniper is 99/70 and I'm planning on using these stats(we had a free stat reset):

And my items are:
Joker jester
Gangster mask
Tights of ares (pecopeco card +10%maxhp)
Wool scarf (im planning on adding raydric)
Green tidal shoes (martyr +10% maxhp +1 agi)
2x nimble rosaries
and I'm trying to get a +10 great bow [3] with 2 skel worker and 1 hydra
My server does not include boss and mini boss cards
Do you guys think its a good build? Hoping for some good criticism for this.

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Re: Sniper blitzer help
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2014, 12:56:01 PM »
Just to note, I mean sure you can bring up experiences on private servers, but that's borderline...typically this is supposed to be specific to official servers, and that's it.

Generally experiences, even between low rate and official, are often different due to factors like how server's handle positioning, and stun/crit locking.  Even damage calculation is sometimes somewhat different, and how elements factor in both offensively and defensively.

Usually it's best to ask this on the ratemyserver forums or your server's forums, as likely this will be deleted soon enough.

That said, the build isn't "bad", but it's clearly pre-renewal mechanics, and you want your Dex to hit 10 or just over the 10 marker with buffs + equips + natural stats.  x9 or xx9 is a bad idea since you need 1 more point to hit your 10's and get a nice bonus to attack.  Vit is also usually best in groups of 10, given you get no major bonuses going over, just more HP, and the HP pool of a sniper is generally low.  So pull from Vit until 32+8, then give to Dex 1 point, and the rest maybe in int or str, or if you can put back 1 Vit, do it.

Other than that it's solid.  I mean crit/falconer snipers are pretty particular to their specific build types, and I've yet to see a true "generic" build, either for PvMvP or PvP/WoE.  Typically they're PvMvP, but I've seen a few from time to time in PvP and WoE over the years...they're not very good though, but they can be useful to hold a single Champ in place while someone else rips them apart, but they die pretty easily, and have some defensive usefulness (slowing down people breaking through the SG/MS/LoV blockades, but honestly a Jack Frosting/Arrow Showering minstrel is more effective at this).

So it's really hunting/MvPing you'll be doing...but if you must handle yourself in PvP/WoE, make a 4x Magnolia carded Composite bow, or a 2x Magnolia, 1x Marc, 1x some other status effect card Composite bow.  This is your opening, then switch to your damage bow.

I would consider getting a Double Bound [3] if it's available on your server.  That is your best bet for outputting maximum damage.  Another option is to reduce your Vit further to 22+8, and pump base Int to 40, so you can make use of the Gale Bow, which is surprisingly effective on a Falconer.

Anyway, hopefully you'll see this before the thread is removed.