2014 Lunar New Year Event

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This is part of the Lunar New Year quests that happen around January/February. These were the events that happened for 2014, and often the GMs will often reintroduce them in other years.

Octopus Festival

2014 Lunar New Year Event
Base Level:
Item(s) (Consumed): 11538.png Fresh Octopus Leg
Item(s): 12646.png 10 Takoyaki
  1. Bring Fresh Octopus Leg to Mimyo in Malangdo malangdo206145. Once Mimyo receives 2014 Fresh Octopus Leg from the server, the festival begins. The festival lasts until the supply of Fresh Octopus Legs runs out (2014 people?) and Mimyo requests another 2014 of them.
  2. If the festival is taking place, players can receive 10 Takoyaki from Well Roasted Octopus Leg or Delicious Looking Food malangdo165131 every 30 minutes.

Horse King Quest

2014 Lunar New Year Event
Base Level: ?
Item(s) (Consumed): 6834.png 107 Legendary Fur
6835.png 107 Legendary Mane
Item(s): 2014 - Costume: Horse King
Event Notice
  1. Collect 107 Legendary Furs and 107 Legendary Manes from Little Blue Unicorns that spawn in most field and dungeon maps.
  2. Speak to Gold Key in Malangdo malangdo158134 and hand over the collected items. They will reward the player with a Costume: Horse King.

Legendary Blue Unicorn

2014 Lunar New Year Event
Base Level: 80
Hunting: 1 Fantastic Blue Unicorn
Base Experience: 100,000
Job Experience: 50,000
Item(s): 22538.png 2 Hanbok Bag
668.png 1 Red Envelope
  1. View the sign board in Payon payon178104 and accept the quest it offers.
  2. Hunt the Fantastic Blue Unicorn located with in the Payon Forest maps.
  3. Talk to Great Hunter Fury in Payon payon204110 and he will reward the player with 2 Hanbok Bags and 1 Red Envelope