Nightmare Pyramids

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Nightmare Pyramids
Base Level: ??
Zeny: 5000z (each time you visit the challenge dungeon levels)
Base Experience: Varies (repeatable)
Job Experience: Varies (repeatable)
Event Notice


The Pyramid Challenge Dungeon (Alt: Nightmare Pyramids) is an additional two levels to the original Pyramid Dungeon. The Challenge dungeon concept introduces more difficult versions of popular leveling spots. The monsters are considerably tougher but give more experience. The Pyramid Challenge Dungeon is the first of these new dungeon challenges and was added as part of the Episode 14.2 Eclage update. There is a trivial quest needed to gain access. Of note is that this dungeon has its own version of Amon-Ra MVP.

Access Quest

  1. Go to the entrance to the Pyramid Dungeon at the top left of the map after you exit from Morroc town at its northwest corner.
  2. Enter the Pyramid Dungeon and go into the warp that leads towards the Thieves Guild as well as the lower levels of the dungeon.
    • This entrance is located approximately at moc_pryd0189106.
  3. Continue south down the corridor past the intersection and enter the warp.
    • Keep going south a little bit and you will see a Suspicious Cat moc_prydb110354 laying on the wall next to the entrance to the second dungeon level (map moc_pryd05) with the minorous and verits.
  4. Talk to the tomb-raiding cat about the strong mummies.
    • The cat wants 5,000 zeny to lead you down to the Challenge Dungeon.
    • The first level of the challenge dungeon is similar to the Minorous and Verit level but the monsters are ghosted versions (similar to Biolab's ghosted monsters).
    • The Cat immediately transports you to the first challenge dungeon level as soon as the 5,000z is paid, so perhaps you might want buffs before doing so.

Pyramid Challenge Dungeon Levels

  • At the first challenge dungeon level, talk to the Cat to obtain repeatable quests to kill either 20 challenge_verits or challenge_ancient_mummy.
  • Teleport and Fly Wings are allowed on the first level (didnt test 2nd level)
  • It is not an instanced map. Thus, you can log out and when you come back, you will be at the same location on the challenge map.
  • All monsters are aggressive.

Floor 1

Challenge_Verit (Level=115, Type=Medium/Undead/Undead, HP=18469, Def=82 , MDef=20)

Challenge_Minorous (Level=121, Type=Big/Brute/Fire, HP=27141, Def=131, MDef=41)

Challenge_Mummy (Level=117, Type=Medium/Undead/Undead, HP=16512, Def=110, Mdef=21)

Floor 2




Challenge_Verit (Level=115, Type=Medium/Undead/Undead, HP=18469, Def=82 , MDef=20)

Challenge_Amon-Ra_MVP (drops unknown)

Repeatable Quests

  • The quests are given by the Suspicious Cat located on the first level of the challenge dungeon.
  • Both quests may be active at once and can be completed once per day. They are:
Hunt Reward
Base EXP Job EXP
20 Verit 300,000 Exp 100,000 Job Exp
20 Ancient Mummy ? ?


  • Characters under level 100 get a warning that the dungeon may be too difficult but are still allowed to enter.
  • Suspicious Cat charges 5000 zeny each time to transport you to the first level of the Pyramid Challenge Dungeon.
  • In a comparison test of the challenge_minorous's increased defenses and hit points, it takes me one hit to kill a normal minorous but approximately 17 hits with the same weapon to kill the challenge_minorous. Switching to a holy weapon, I normally one-hit verits, but these challenge_verits take 8 hits to dispatch.