2011 Easter Event

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Chocolate Thieves

2011 Easter Event
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): (10 Holy Water or 10 Milk), 1 Carrot, 1 Apple, 1 1carat Diamond, several (Milk, Holy Water, Witch Starsand, Apple Juice, or Payon Solution)
Item(s): 2 White Chocolate, 3 Hand-made Chocolate, 2 Handmade White Chocolate, 2 Chocolate
  1. Talk to Shocola Vasinio at Alberta above the northwest Kafra NPC twice. She will ask the player to deliver a packet of chocolate to Arles Orleans in Prontera.
  2. Take the chocolate packet to Arles Orleans inside the Prontera tavern (Prontera (45, 67)).
  3. Talk to Arles again and offer to go to Al de Baran for him.
  4. Go to Al de Baran (155, 88) and talk to Cherryberry. She will give the player a Chocolate Fairy Seed to be planted in Payon.
    • Note: the item received will be a Cacao
  5. Walk near Payon Field 01 (329, 268) to activate the guidance system. A mark will be placed on the player's mini-map.
  6. Go to the area indicated by the mark and click on the thicket to plant the seed.
    • Thicket locations:
      • (216, 118)
      • (192, 212)
  7. Click on the thicket to water the seed using either 10 Holy Water or 10 Milk.
  8. Feed the sprout again using one of the following items: Holy Water, Milk, Apple Juice, Witch Starsand, Payon Solution.
    • This step may need to be repeated.
  9. Once it has finished growing, the Chocolate Fairy will ask the player to bring it one apple or one carrot.
    • Apples and carrots may be purchased at the Izlude fruit gardener (Izlude (94, 98)).
  10. The fairy will then ask the player for a 1carat diamond.
    • 1carat diamonds may be purchased from a jeweler in the Morroc ruins (Morroc Ruins (52, 85)).
  11. The Chocolate fairy rewards the player with two each of White Chocolate, Hand-made Chocolate, Handmade White Chocolate, and Chocolate.
  12. Talk to the fairy once more to learn his secret to making chocolate.
  13. Return to Cherryberry and she will offer to sell the player another seed for 25,000 zeny.
  14. Go back to Arles Orleans and he'll give you a Hand-made Chocolate with your name.

Holy Egg Making

2011 Easter Event
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Egg, 1 Green Herb, 1 Yellow Herb, 1 White Herb, 1 Holy Water
Item(s): 1 Holy Egg

Sister Nerien, who is outside Prontera Church (230, 312), can make 1 Holy Egg from:

She also sells Eggs for 1,000 Z each.

Holy Eggs enable a single use of level 2 Resurrection.