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2011 St. Patrick's Day Event

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2011 St. Patrick's Day Event
Base Level: 60
Item(s) (Consumed): 30 Shred of Evidence
Item(s): 1 St. Patrick's Hat
Quest Reward(s): Ability to exchange Gold Coins and Silver Coins for Green Ale
Event Notice

1. Talk with Agent York (Mysterious Man) in Payon (213, 119), who explains that O'Riley has been kidnapped.

2. Collect 30 Shred of Evidence by killing the snake monsters named 'V.I.P.E.R. agent' on maps in the Schwartzvalt Republic, such as the one immediately north of Al de Baran.

Name Level Maximum HP
Snake 15 10
Anacondaq 23 15
Side Winder 43 18
Isis 47 25

Note: The drop penalty applies to these monsters.

3. Return to Payon and talk with Agent York in Payon (213, 119), who explains that V.I.P.E.R has set up an imitation Green Ale factory in the map next to Einbroch.

4. Investigate the buildings situated at the following locations on Einbroch Field 9 for signs of O'Riley:

Map of the VIPER factories.png

  • (ein_fild09 93/239)
  • (ein_fild09 183/57)
  • (ein_fild09 266/328)

5. Walk onto the ship in the southwest of Comodo Field 7 and talk with O'Riley (cmd_fild07 73/118), who rewards you with a St. Patrick's Hat before fleeing from a Snakepentor that suddenly appears.


  • The Snakepentors are duplicates of Evil Snake Lord, which are weaker than the original but can still easily kill even high-level characters. You don't need to kill a Snakepentor to complete the quest.
  • If O'Riley is not on the ship, walk along the gangplank and he will reappear.

After rescuing O'Riley, Agent York will offer to exchange gold and silver coins dropped by V.I.P.E.R. agents for Green Ale: