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2013 Thanksgiving Event

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2013 Thanksgiving Event
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 15 Rotten Meat
5 Bacillus
30 Peco Feather
Base Experience: 900,000 (1,800,000 VIP)
Job Experience: 600,000 (1,200,000 VIP)
Item(s): Pizza Hat
  1. Talk to Maria in Aldebaran(157,183) behind the clocktower to start the quest. She asks you to travel to Juno to invite Jimmy to her Thanksgiving feast.
  2. Travel to Juno and talk to Jimmy directly in front of the airship station (47,211). Return to Maria in Aldebaran after.
  3. Maria will now ask you to go to Rachel to talk to Uncle Jack. Talk to Uncle Jack in Rachel (260,134) and he will request 15 dead meat (from Roweens) and 5 Bacillus (from Anopheles although you can also farm them off Venomous and Demon Pungus north of Einbroch for a much higher drop rate).
  4. After giving Uncle Jack the required materials he will then send you back to Maria
  5. Talk to Maria again and she will ask you to invite Jessica and Alex in Prontera (261,72). After talking to the kids return to Maria.
  6. Maria will now ask you to head to the restaurant in east Aldebaran (233,108) to talk to Mrs. Raven
  7. Talk to Mrs. Raven and she will tell you that her husband Mr. Raven ran 2 maps north of Aldebaran and has not returned.
  8. Go 2 maps north of town and find Mr. Raven hiding behind a tree(282,203). After finishing the dialogue with him you will need to collect 30 peco feathers (dropped from Grand Picos). (the quest is currently worded wrong and says to talk to a sword. You can skip this part. The sword currently does nothing)
  9. Once you have the feathers, return to his wife Mrs. Raven in Aldebaran with the 30 feathers.
  10. She will thank you and send you back to Maria to collect your reward
  11. Talk to Maria to Gain Exp and Pizza hat upon completion