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2013 Veins Spotlight

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2013 Veins Spotlight
Base Level: (Renewal) / ?? (Classic)
Base Experience: 100,000
Job Experience: 50,000
Item(s): Star Spangled Bandana
Event Notice

Spotlight Quest Description

This quest is part of this month's Veins Spotlight (see official announcement) which begins on July 3rd. When the spotlight on Veins ends, this quest will cease being available. Completion of the quest includes the Star Spangled Bandana in celebration of the USA's 4th of July holiday.

Doing the Quest

  1. Talk to Kataniya (Medium NPC) located at the north end of the Veins town map at (223,346). This location is next to the town's northern entry/exit warp. Keep talking until she reveals information about the Lady in White and the investigation over her disappearance. She tells you to check with the Guard Captain. To see your current coordinates, use the /where command.
  2. Go to the Guard Captain located at the town's prison's basement. The prison entrance is at the mid-western edge of town at (88,170). The Captain wants you to collect evidence for the investigation so you will need to visit at least five different crime scenes to obtain five clues. There's actually more than five crime scenes with clues, but you don't need to find clues in any particular order nor even get all the clues. Now, if I was writing the quest, I would give a bigger experience reward if all the clues had been discovered instead of the minimum required amount.
    • Beware of idling in the Prison basement or you can be attacked by a prisoners' doppleganger. These dopple monsters are transparent similar to a biolab monster. They seem to appear when someone turns in the clues to receive a headgear. Only one exists at any one time, so even if several people turn in at the same time, only one monster will be there. It is not necessary to kill the monster.
    • These dopple monsters have short detection ranges. So, you can talk to the captain from the top of the stairs and the dopple monsters will never "see" you. Their attack is fairly weak and it is not necessary to kill them.
    • Actually, only 3 of the clues are needed. If you obtain the Love Letter, the Wedding Dress, and the Corpse clues listed below you have enough to finish the quest.
  3. After talking to the Guard Captain, go upstairs to the northwest corner of the room (upper left). This is the next closest clue in the investigation. There is a Magistrate there and a statue of a knight holding a pikeaxe (spear with an axe blade). Click on the spot near the statue's feet to collect the clue "Clue:Napkin" describing a napkin with bright red lipstick stains on it.
  4. Leave the prison and go northwards up the left side of the town for the next clue. At (112,278) you will see an entrance to a wooden building with its doors ajar. This is Vein's Inn. Go inside. Proceed straight ahead approximately 10 squares and you will be next to a sofa and table with a nearby towner. Click on the surface of the table to collect the clue "Clue:Ribbon" which describes the ribbon being in the style for a woman.
  5. Now go upstairs. You are heading to the next closest clue. At the top of the stairs, you will see the Inn Master. This inn is like others in that you can save here and recover your HP/SP. At the top of the stairs, you see a few steps going upwards to the balcony area. Proceed to the balcony area and keep going until you reach the exit from the balcony. You are now outside. Go downwards on the walkway and you see a building with spinning fans. Go inside and go to your left to see the stairs going down. Before going down, know that this is one of two spots where you might encounter a banshee. Go down the stairs. You will find three separate sleeping quarters. In the first sleeping quarters, there is a Fighter NPC. Stand in the square immediately to the right of this NPC or stand on top of the bed. Now you will be able to see and click on the pillow for the bed in the 2nd bedroom. Click on the Love Letter and read it to collect the clue "Clue:Love Letter". If the banshee cooldown has expired, then a new banshee will appear in that middle room Since you are in the first room, you can avoid encountering that banshee. Note carefully that the letter is written by a man to the missing Lady in White and it mentions meeting her at the highest point in town. You will be heading to this highest romantic point next!
  6. Go back outside. Once again, you are next to the wall of spinning fans. Head east on the walkway and you will pass by an entrance. Keep going east up the 4 wooden steps and continue east. You will see a ladder going up. Go up the ladder and then go west under the rock overhang to the next ladder. Go up this ladder and you will see a Towner (197,219) next to a withered old tree. Go east along this path and then head south when at the intersection (226,216). By going south you will end up at an overhanging high point with several large cactus. Click on the spot for the wedding dress clue in order to get "Clue:Wedding Dress" added to your quest list. If the banshee is already out and blocking your approach, use the alternate cactus method below.
    • The alternate method to visit the cactus is to go back outside and then use flywings to get onto the eastern path. Then head to NPC Ledrion (274,188) who is dressed in black and wears a monocle. Go up the stone stairs and then up the short wooden stairs (4 steps) to the wooden ladder. Go up the ladder and up the stone steps to stand in front of a dark metal door. Rotate your view until the cactus on the top of the cliff are visible and you can click on the clue. This way, if the banshee appears, it cannot get to you.
  7. Go north from the cactus back to where Kataniya (Medium NPC) and then head south along the east side's path to the intersection at (290,210) where you see a sword-wielding Vigilante and a Kid. There are two different paths going east from that intersection; take the southern path going east which is the cul-de-sac at the middle-right of your minimap.. As you go east on this path, you will pass a Towner and one more Kid. Just before you pass underneath a walkway and building, look up at the sides and you will see animated flames from the memory of a past love as well as the corpse. Click on the corpse to collect the clue "Clue:Corpse".
  8. The message "You feel as if you have all the clues you need." appears when you have gotten the minimum number of the clues (regardless of the order you got the clues) needed by the Guard Captain. At that point, once you have the required clues, you can return to the Guard Captain. On your way back, you will pass by the locations of the spare clues as described below. You can collect them or ignore them.
    • A spare clue is the Party Invitation which can be collected at (161.175) which is just outside the entrance to the weapon/armor shop. The point that you click upon is just behind the wooden post next to the table with bananas and "Clue:Party Invitation" will appear in your quest list.
    • Another spare clue is inside the weapon/armor shop. Go inside the shop to the counter in front of the weapon seller. You will see two swords there. Click on the closest sword to see that the sword has been recently cleaned and the name "H.H. Holmes" has been nearly filed off. After you do this, you should see "Clue:Sword" appear in your quest list.
  9. Head west to the prison in order to report your findings to the Guard Captain. Report your investigation findings as:
    • Female
    • Sword
    • No
    • Mitch
  10. Mitch's Doppelganger spawns and you receive EXP and a Star Spangled Bandana.


  1. While the airship does take you from Izlude to Rachel (with a free transfer in Juno), the kafra at Juno's town square can warp you directly to Rachel and from Rachel's Cool Event NPC you can get a warp to Veins.
  2. As usual for any Spotlight area, if you completed all of the spotlight area's quests during that spotlight, you get an additional exp award. Talk to the NPC Victoria Quest at coordinates (214, 129) in the Vein town's square because you will get exp even if you have done all that area's quests before the spotlight.
  3. Remember to zoom your camera view outwards (mouse wheel) when inside Veins for easier navigating. Veins allows you to zoom out more so than in many other towns.
  4. There are more clues available than you are required to find. This allows players to do the quest in their own way and knowledge of the town. Once you have found enough clues, you will see a message saying that you feel you have found enough clues.
  5. Stats on the Star Spangled Bandana: DEF=7. Required Level=30. Weight=20. Jobs=All jobs. Account bound.
  6. Features of the Star Spangled Bandana: All Stats +1. Enables the use of Level 1 [Bash]. If upgraded to +7 or higher, Increases damage for all races by 10%. This headgear is Account Bound.