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2015 Halloween Event

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2015 Halloween Event
Base Level: 50
Hunting: 10 Zombie,
10 Skeleton,
20 Pirate Skeleton,
20 Evil Druid,
20 Ghoul,
20 Orc Skeleton
1 Dark Lord (Clone)
Base Experience: 193500 (VIP)
Job Experience: 96750 (VIP)
Item(s): 18810.png Shadowmancer's Helm
  1. Talk to the Antoni (/navi geffen 120/41), south of the fountain in Geffen.
    • Confront him and he suggests you to check the situation in Payon Cave.
  2. In the northeast corner of Payon Dungeon, talk to Pious Paladin
  3. Once you have defeated them, return to Pious Paladin again, and he will asks you to find the other Shadow Font around Rune Midgard.
    • Note: Talk to the Shadow Font, kill the monsters and then talk to the Shadow Font again to weaken it.
    • You can visit these in any order.
    MapsCoordinatesKill Counts
    ShadowFont-SunkenShip.pngSunken Ship
    (/navi treasure01 110/40)
    Pirate Skeletons
    ShadowFont-OrcDungeon.pngOrc Dungeon
    (/navi orcsdun01 xxx/xxx)
    Orc Skeletons
    ShadowFont-GeffenTower.pngGeffen Dungeon Level 2
    (/navi gef_dun01 xxx/xxx)
    ShadowFont-GH.pngGlast Heim St. Abbey
    (/navi gl_church 152/102)
    Evil Druids
  4. Once you have talked to the last portal, you'll be warped into Geffen Field 02.
  5. Make your way to the South-West corner and talk to Dark Lord and you will be warped out in Geffen Field.
  6. Talk to the Pious Paladin (/navi gef_fild07 326/297), he will asks you to investigate Amatsu.
  7. Head to Amatsu and look for Nefarious Namiko (/navi amatsu 48/271) in the North-West corner of Amatsu Castle
    • She will summon a Firelock Soldier.
    • Kill it and return to the Pious Paladin in Geffen Field.
  8. Pious Paladin will tell you about an imminent attack on Geffen and asks you to talk to a Jorge Gnomero standing in front of the Geffen Tower.
  9. Talk to Jorge Gromero (/navi geffen 127/104) and he will asks you to defend the city.
    • Note: About every 15 min there is an announcement in Geffen.
    • After that announcement, talk to Jorge he will teleport you to the Invaded Geffen.
    • After 15 min passes, the fight begins!
    • Youtube: 2015 Halloween Quest (Defend Geffen)