2015 Lunar New Year Event

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2015 Lunar New Year Event
Base Level: 30
Item(s) (Consumed): 6958.png 100 Lamb Horn
6957.png 25 Soft Wool
Base Experience: 5000
Job Experience: 4000
Item(s): List below
Event Notice
  1. Talk to Shepherd Bori payon23390 in south-east of Payon.
    • Agree to help him find 5 of his Lost Lambs.
    • He will give you 10 Hunting Rope to tame them.
    • If you have less then 5 (either by using, or wasting one) he will give you 5 additional ropes.
  2. Search all over Rune Midgard and other areas to find the Lost Lamb.
    • Tame the Lost Lamb using Hunting Rope.
    • Taming Lost Lamb is always 100% success.
    • You will also need to collect 100 Lamb Horns drop by Lost Lamb.
  3. Return to Shepherd Bori payon23390 to deliver the Captured Sheep.
    • He will reward you with 5 Soft Wool.
    • He will take ALL of your Captured Sheep in your inventory.
    • It is recommended to put extra in storage.
    • There is no benefit of turning in more than 5 at a time.
  4. After you have collected 25 Soft Wool and 100 Lamb Horns, talk to Fancy Shepherd Boy payon24090