2015 St. Patrick's Day Event

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2015 St. Patrick's Day Event
Base Level: 60
Item(s) (Consumed): 30 Shred of Evidence
Item(s): 1 St. Patrick's Hat
Quest Reward(s): Ability to exchange Gold Coins and Silver Coins for Green Ale
Event Notice

NOTE: As of March 12, 2015, this quest cannot be completed due to two bugs:

  • The quest cannot be started (step 1) if the character has any quest entries from the 2011 St. Patrick's Day Event quest. In other words, if the character did not finish the 2011 quest, this quest can't be started.
  • Step 4 cannot be completed. The windows at the marked locations do not respond when clicked on. But there is a way around this problem now. In case you are having this problem please refer to Note above Step 5.

1. Talk with Mysterious Man (Agent York) payon213119, who explains that O'Riley has been kidnapped. MysteriousMan2015.png

2. Collect 30 Shred of Evidence by killing the snake monsters named below in the V.I.P.E.R territory:

  • Hugel: city and and all hu_fild maps
  • Einbroch: city and all ein_fild maps
  • Einbech: city
  • Juno: all yuno_fild maps

The snake monsters use the same sprites as the linked monsters.

Name Level Maximum HP
Rocky balBOA 15 10
Sneaky Snake 23 15
Klepto Anacondaq 43 18
Plundering Isis 47 25

Note: The drop penalty applies to these monsters. (needs confirmation)

3. Return to Payon and talk to Mysterious Man, who explains that V.I.P.E.R has set up an imitation Green Ale factory in the map next to Einbroch.

4. Investigate the buildings situated at the following locations on Einbroch Field 9 for signs of O'Riley:

Map of the VIPER factories.png ein_fild0993239

Note: In case, one or no windows show a dialog box. That is a small glitch. To make it work, go back to Mysterious Man in Payon and restart the quest from there. You would have to give another 30 Shred of Evidence but this time it will work.

5. Walk onto the ship in the southwest of Comodo Field 7 and talk with O'Riley cmd_fild0773118, who rewards you with a St. Patrick's Hat before fleeing from a Snakepentor that suddenly appears.


  • The Snakepentors are duplicates of Evil Snake Lord, which are weaker than the original but can still easily kill even high-level characters. You don't need to kill a Snakepentor to complete the quest.
  • If you see someone near or on the ship talking to O'Riley then stay away from the location for a few minutes or lure the Snakepentor out and away and use Flywings to stay alive and enter the ship from another angle away from the monster. 3 Hits of Snakepentor will deal about 8k damage.
  • If O'Riley is not on the ship, walk along the gangplank and he will reappear.

6. After rescuing O'Riley, Agent York will offer to exchange gold and silver coins dropped by V.I.P.E.R. agents for Green Ale:

Note: In case you are not able to exchange some Gold Coins, don't worry as GMs has introduced a convertor that will change those Gold Coins to usable Silver Coins. To do so reach the Mysterious Man a.k.a Agent York, get right next to him, then walk over him. It will trigger a dialog which will convert it for you. Now keep enough space with you in you inventory as Silver Coins offered are heavier than those Gold Coins (each coin is 4 weigh). So keep an eye to exchange only in small amounts.