2015 Valentine's Day Event

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Chocolate Hunting

2015 Valentine's Day Event
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 15 Hand-made Chocolate(Black) , 15 Handmade White Chocolate, 15 Chocolate Drink, 15 Lovely Choco-tart, 15 Cute Strawberry-Choco,1 Flame Heart, 1 Silver Arrow

1) Talk to Schweddy in Prontera 117, 64 (directly south of respawn point) and agree to help him. He will ask for 15 Hand-made Chocolate(Black)*, 15 Handmade White Chocolate*, 15 Chocolate Drink*, 15 Lovely Choco-tart*, 15 Cute Strawberry-Choco*,1 Flame Heart, 1 Silver Arrow.

2) Bring him the items.

3) Get your own Valentine's Headband

  • The chocolates you obtain from the Cooking Class and Cooking Table don't count!
  • You can obtain those chocolates by doing Story of the Lonely People quest (see below) and by finishing at least 4 recipes from Cooking Class quest. You will get a cooking book as a reward, which you can use to get the chocolates.

Cooking Class

2015 Valentine's Day Event
Base Level: 20
Item(s) (Consumed): Varies
Base Experience: None
Job Experience: None
Item(s): Varies

Check Kiel Hyre Academy to meet the famous Chef Orleans! He will teach you his secret recipes to make chocolate desserts (one a day).

1) Talk to NPC Class Receptionist found in different towns (the character must at least Level 20 to do the quest)

  • Prontera Town 149 63
  • Payon Town 180 96
  • Geffen Town 122 104
  • Alberta Town 92 57
  • Rachel Town 134 144
  • Lighthalzen Town 219 205
  • Eden Group 1st Floor 38 19

2) The NPC Receptionist will warp you to Kiel Hyre Academy in Yuno. Enter the Academy Portal. If you click the Dessert Class Guide Post it will tell you to go down the stairs.

3) Talk to NPC Diva Lindt. Choose the class you wish to attend. You can only attend each class once and one class per day.

  1. Handmade Chocolate: 5 Chocolate, 1 Milk OR 5 White Chocolate, 1 Milk
  2. Strawberry Chocolate: 2 Strawberry, 1 Chocolate, 1 White Chocolate
  3. Chocolate Tart: 3 Milk, 1 Egg, 1 Flour, 3 Chocolate
  4. Chocolate Drink: 30 Cacao Beans, 3 Chocolate, 3 Milk
  5. Fierce Cacao 99%: 99 Cacao Beans, 1 Milk

Important Note Chocolate Drink and Fierce99 Cocoa are bugged. You must have at least 1 Cacao in your inventory to prevent this bug. The Cacao won't be consumed.

4) Check your Quest Log (alt+u) for the ingredients needed for your class.You can purchase recipe ingredients from NPC Serious Lee, and cooking utensils from NPC Cooking Utensils Merchant. You should bring Milk and Strawberries with you (or buy them from the Vending Merchant class that are over the place) Serious Lee sells Chocolate, White Chocolate, Egg x5, Flour and Cacao Beans x10 NPC Cooking Utensils sells Outdoor and Home Cooking Kits

5) When you have all the ingredients, talk to NPC Arles Orleans. Choose “Attend Class”. Follow his instructions (actually, you just have to read) and upon completion he will reward you with the hand made chocolate you chose before and its recipe.

  • See Cooking Table "quest" for more info

6) After attending all classes you will be rewarded with Febuary Sweets and the ability to make your own sweets even after the event.

Cooking Table (Recipe)

Beside the Class area are cooking tables wherein you can cook handmade sweets using the recipe you receive from the cooking class. This allows you to get more sweets, instead of having to wait 24h to assist another class.

  • Choose the recipe you want to practice again.
  • Make sure you have the needed ingredients.
  • Practice what you learned from the cooking Class.
  • You receive your own hand made chocolate.

Chocolat Montblanc's Quests

To start the next two quests, talk to Chocolat Montblanc in prontera 120 52

Montblanc will also refine your Cocoa into Cacao Beans (Needs testing)

Valentine Delivery Quest (Daily)

2015 Valentine's Day Event
Base Level: Unknown
Item(s) (Consumed): None
Base Experience: None (yet)
Job Experience: None (yet)
Item(s): 1 Chocolate, 1 White Chocolate, 5 Cacao Beans

Note: if you accept this quest, Montblanc won't talk to you until you've finished it

1) Talk to Chocolat Montblanc and choose the 2nd option. She will give you some items, and you have to deliver them to Serious Lee.

2) Go to Kiel Hyre's Academy and give the items to Serious Lee.

3) You get to keep 1 Chocolate, 1 White Chocolate and 5 Cacao Beans. No EXP reward at the moment.

Story of the Lonely People

2015 Valentine's Day Event
Base Level: 70
Item(s) (Consumed): None
Base Experience: None (yet)
Job Experience: None (yet)
Item(s): 1 Gift Basket

1) Talk to Chocolat Montblanc and choose 'conversation', the 4th option. Ignore the Engrish and choose the 2nd option when available. You will be told to talk to several people.

  1. Lennon the Idle Warrior in Prontera 68, 332
  2. Penn the Stranger in Payon 265, 160
  3. Ken the great Wizard in Geffen 95, 198
  4. Young Rich Richard in Lighthalzen 80, 145

2) You will get one entry in your Quest Log after talking to each of them. When you have all 4 entries, go back to Montblanc to tell her the stories (you don't have to write down anything. Just "read" through the dialogue).

3) When you finish your story, Montblanc rewards you with a Gift Basket. No EXP reward at the moment.