2016 Halloween Event

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2016 Halloween Event
Base Level:
Item(s) (Consumed): 25133.png 20 Dry White Stem
25132.png 10 Pumpkin Decorations
Hunting: 10 Jakk
Item(s): 11605.png 30 Cookies Bat
7th day reward: 20397.png Costume: Jakk

Jack and Jack's Jakky Days

  1. Find the group of Ludes in town and walk near them. Listen to their conversation about Jakk.
    Prontera/navi prontera 161/97
    Payon/navi payon 188/103
    Morroc /navi morroc 167/94
  2. They will warp you to Nifflheim. Listen to their conversation.
    • They'll tell you to ask Jakk in the Plaza
  3. Walk South to the Plaza niflheim191192 and talk to the Jakk heads until they tell you Jakk's location.
    • (/navi niflheim 196/183 is possibly the pumpkin that advances the quest???
  4. Return to the Lude's group and talk to Hooroorong niflheim180242.
  5. After killing 10 Jakk's and bringing the required items, give them to Hororong niflheim177242.
    • They will reward you with 30 Cookies Bat.
    • Repeating this for 7 times will be rewarded a Costume: Jakk
    • Note: To go back to Nifflheim, talk to the Bathory moc_para0117433 in Eden Kitchen.

Jack and Jack's Cat

2016 Halloween Event
Base Level:
Item(s) (Consumed): 25133.png 1 Dry White Stem
Quest Prerequisite(s): Jack and Jack's Jakky Days
Item(s): 9101.png Portable cage for Scatleton
10040.png Red Bell Necklace
  1. Talk to Jakk niflheim172244. His poor kitty is lost. Help him find his cat.
  2. Talk to him again and give him the Dry White Stem, he will thank you and tell you to talk to Hararong.
  3. Hararong niflheim169240 will then say that Nibble might have seen the cat, and to talk to her.
  4. Talk to Nibble niflheim43147. She says she saw something run by, but wasn't sure if it was the cat.
  5. Go out to the Vally of Gyoll 2 and talk to Shivering Jack nif_fild02367243 by the portal. He saw the cat, but was too scared to catch it.
  6. Return to Jakk in Nifflheim. He thinks his cat went to Umbala because it likes fish.
  7. Travel to Umbala and talk to Shivering Researcher umbala113287. The cat scared him as he said to go to Morroc!
  8. Speak to the Shivering Merchant morocc154248 in north Morroc. Apparently she told a ghost how to walk to Alberta.
  9. Go to North Alberta and talk to the Shivering Cat Hand Merchant alberta45239. It's just shivering because it's cold. But there's cats down by the harbor.
  10. Speak with the White Cat alberta19850 and apparently it's protecting the pile of sand (it's totally it's litterbox...) behind it .
  11. Talk to the the Pile of Sand niflheim19951, and receive a Small pile of bones. Poor kitty...
  12. Return to Jakk niflheim172244 and show him the bones. He will give you Portable cage for Scatleton and Red Bell Necklace.
    • Note: To go back to Nifflheim, talk to the Bathory in Eden Kitchen.