2018 Easter Event

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2018 Easter Event
Base Level:
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Grape Juice
3 Meat
3 Carrot
3 Potato
1 Star Crumb
Item(s): 5738.png 1 Snowman Hat
534.png 1 Carrot Juice

The Hermit's Request

  1. In Amatsu, talk with the Turtle Hermit , who requests the following items:
  2. Deliver the items to the Turtle Hermit. He asks you to introduce him to your favorite Kafra girl.

Charming the Kafra girl

Prontera (Curly Sue)

  1. Talk with Curly Sue , and give her the following answers:
    • "The starts are beautiful…"
    • "To meet a star like you…"
    • "I heard you like stargazing?"
    • "The way your eyes sparkle…"
    • "I think I get it!"
  2. Deliver 1 Star Crumb to Curly Sue. She requests that you meet her in Lutie.
  3. Note: Curly Sue will abruptly teleport you to Glast Heim if you falsely claim you have the requested item.

Geffen (Jasmine)

  1. Talk with Jasmine , and give her the following answers:
    • "I want to relax, too."
    • "Taking a break isn't bad."
    • "Wanted to say thanks"
    • "Show appreciation"
    • "I'll do it."
  2. Deliver 1 Banana Juice to Jasmine. She requests that you meet her in Lutie.

The snowman's revelation

  1. Talk with the snowman in Lutie , who explains that the Kafra Friendship Companion program was simply a ploy to allow him to finally meet an adventurer.
  2. Choose "I'm happy for you".