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2018 Easter Event

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2018 Easter Event
Base Level:
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Grape Juice
3 Meat
3 Carrot
3 Potato
1 Star Crumb
Item(s): 5738.png 1 Snowman Hat
534.png 1 Carrot Juice

The Hermit's Request

  1. In Amatsu, talk with the Turtle Hermit amatsu272241, who requests the following items:
  2. Deliver the items to the Turtle Hermit. He asks you to introduce him to your favorite Kafra girl.

Charming the Kafra girl

Prontera (Curly Sue)

  1. Talk with Curly Sue prt_in3420, and give her the following answers:
    • "The starts are beautiful…"
    • "To meet a star like you…"
    • "I heard you like stargazing?"
    • "The way your eyes sparkle…"
    • "I think I get it!"
  2. Deliver 1 Star Crumb to Curly Sue. She requests that you meet her in Lutie.
  3. Note: Curly Sue will abruptly teleport you to Glast Heim if you falsely claim you have the requested item.

Geffen (Jasmine)

  1. Talk with Jasmine geffen_in6655, and give her the following answers:
    • "I want to relax, too."
    • "Taking a break isn't bad."
    • "Wanted to say thanks"
    • "Show appreciation"
    • "I'll do it."
  2. Deliver 1 Banana Juice to Jasmine. She requests that you meet her in Lutie.

The snowman's revelation

  1. Talk with the snowman in Lutie xmas147128, who explains that the Kafra Friendship Companion program was simply a ploy to allow him to finally meet an adventurer.
  2. Choose "I'm happy for you".