2020 Anniversary Quest

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2020 Anniversary Quest
Base Level: ?
Hunting: 10 Hornet
10 Willow
10 Spore
10 Drops
Item(s): Costume Flu Mask
Quest Reward(s): Various Buffs - See Table


  • Find Gramps izlude126112 who explains that the event this year is about helping each other. You don't need to talk to him to start the quest.
  • Collect Volunteer Points (VP) every day to trade for different rewards. Each town's quests are individually repeatable every 20 hours.


  1. Campitor prontera11981 at the Prontera southwest spawn location asks you to hunt 10 Hornets.
    • Closest map for quest: 1 West of Prontera
  2. After returning, receive 2 "VP" and receive the 20 hour cooldown.


  1. Xealot alberta12459 is rolling in the dirt at the central spawn. Hunt 10 Willow.
    • Closest map for quest: 1 West of Alberta
  2. Return to Xealot for 2 VP.df


  1. You won't find Jelloshaker payon192103 shaking any jello because they want you to hunt 10 annoying Spore.
    • Closest map for quest: 1 East of Payon
  2. Return to Jelloshaker for 2 VP.


  1. Astra morroc16497 is chilling at the castle plaza and complains of monsters stealing items. Hunt 10 thieving Drops.
    • Closest map for quest: 1 South of Morroc
  2. Return to Astra for 2 VP

Al De Baran

  1. Poring Man aldebaran146113 will give you literal nightmares, and even has dreams (nightmares?) of Marin and wants you to hunt 10 of them.
    • Closest map for quest: 1 South of Lutie (via Mr. Claus aldebaran223222)
  2. Return to the gelatinous abomination for your 2 VP.


  1. Magus geffen13661 is annoyed by Chonchons and asks you to hunt 10 of them.
    • Closest map for quest: 1 West (or East) of Geffen
  2. Go back to Magus for your 2 VP.


  • Find Piles Morboxes izlude129112 on the south side of Izlude where you can trade your earned Volunteer Points for the rewards listed before.

Buffs last for 30 minutes.

VP Cost Reward
2 VP +10 STR Buff
2 VP +10 AGI Buff
2 VP +10 VIT Buff
2 VP +10 INT Buff
2 VP +10 DEX Buff
2 VP +10 LUK Buff
6 VP EXP Buff (+50%)
6 VP Job EXP Buff (+50%)
50 VP 19634.png Costume Flu Mask