2021 Snow Flower Festival

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2021 Snow Flower Festival
Base Level: 50
Item(s): Various
Event Notice

Making a Snow Bouquet

  1. Get to Al De Baran just northeast of the Clock Tower on the inner ring and speak to Festival Manager aldebaran174164 and agree to join the festival.
  2. Because no snow (apparently) falls in Al De Baran, you need to collect 25425.png 10 Magical Snow Flower that are dropped by the event Siroma's found in the world.
  3. After giving the 25425.png 10 Magical Snow Flower, you will receive a random item (see below)
  4. After completing the quest, the following quests below will be available.

Staying Strong through the Winter

  1. You can then talk to Snow flower illusionist who will ask for 25425.png 10 Magical Snow Flower and the nearby Snowmen want 515.png 1 Carrot.
  2. Bring the required items to Snow flower illusionist and you will get one of the 4 different stat boosts. You will receive a random item below.

Not everyone likes it

  1. Head to aldebaran109166 and talk to Keeper Eugene near Employee Rigel. They will have a long dialogue about how they hate the festival.
  2. After the dialogue, talk to Eugene again. He will ask you to bring 712.png 10 Flower from the Geffen Flower Merchant. You will be unable to turn them in until the end of the quest.
  3. Find the Geffen Flower Merchant in geffen16181. Select "Buy Flowers" to buy 712.png Flower for 2z each.
  4. Talk to him again and select "Talk to Merchant." He does not want to see the festival canceled, and suggests to go to a place "where they used for be."
  5. Head to Lutie by talking to the Santa clause NPC, located either aldebaran168167 or aldebaran222222. Select "Move to Lutie" to be teleported in a field. Head north and you will be in Lutie.
  6. Go to lutie202223 to come across a sign. Click on it and wait for the event to finish (you should pick up a Snow Boy).
  7. Head north to go inside the Toy Factory Dungeon first floor xmas_dun01127153 and click on the sign. An event should happen and you should be able to pick up an Empty Box.
  8. Head back to Keeper Eugune in Aldebaran and talk to them. They will interact with the Snow Boy and Empty Box.
  9. Talk to Employee Rigel and he'll have a change of heart after seeing his sister. You will receive 31588.png Costume Snow Flower.
  10. After completing the quest, a repeatable quest will open. Talk to Eugene and he will ask you to bring 523.png 5 Holy Waters (Ask an Acolyte to do this for you with an Empty Bottle)
  11. After turning in the 523.png 5 Holy Waters, you will receive a random item (see below). You can do the quest again in 24 hours.

Staying Warm with Cotton

  1. Talk to Coti just left of the north exit of town aldebaran124238 and agree to bring 23426.png 10 Warm Cotton.
    You have a chance to get Warm Cotton automatically in your inventory by hunting any of these 5 monsters:
  2. Once you return with 10, they will reward you with a random item. You will have to wait until [maybe 23 hours] pass to bring them more.

Note: If you wish to hunt multiple Warm Cottons to save, you will have to have the quest active in order to do so.

Holiday Word Play

  1. Twinkle is at the north east of Al De Baran (near Mr. Claus that takes you to Lutie) aldebaran217212 and wants you to collect Blue [Letter] Cards that spell out words.
  2. Bring Twinkle the cards for the word he's chosen for you on five different occasions and you will receive a random item below.
    The cards are obtained by opening Snow Flower Card Envelope. The cards are also 1 weight and character bound. The envelopes are tradable, however. The possible cards are the following letters:
    A, E, F, I, L, N, O, R, S, T, V, W, D, B, K
    Possible words include:
    • FLOWER
    • SNOW

  • If you want to remove your cards, talk to Festival Claviger aldebaran169173 and they will remove all of them.

List of Possible Rewards