2022 Lunar New Year Event

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Malangdo Octopus Festival.png

Portrait that repels a bad luck

2022 Lunar New Year Event
Base Level: 20
Item(s) (Consumed): 1067.png 1 Solid Trunk
7012.png 3 Tough Scalelike Stem
1028.png 3 Mane
905.png 10 Stem
938.png 2 Sticky Mucus
12647.png 1 Ink Ball
Hunting: 3 Savage
1 Willow
3 Stem Worm
10 Mandragora
2 Poring
5 Octopus Leg
1 Giant Octopus
Item(s): 1000853.png 1 Chulho's Portrait
Random rewards

Talk to Dolangmal or Odgnalam to go to Malangdo. The locations are as follow:

  • Prontera11577
  • Izlude181218
  • Geffen11060
  • Morocc167275
  • Payon199106
  • Alberta196202
  • Aldebaran169104
  • Yuno164122
  • Lighthalzen25583
  • Rachel120126
  • Mora57150

You can also talk to Seafood at Eden Group moc_para013719 and teleport there for one Fresh Octopus Leg during the event.

  1. Talk to Octopus Festival Staff Malangdo160139.
  2. Talk to ChulHo Malangdo164138.
  3. He will send you to alberta10579 to speak with SangPil who tasks you with a hunting and item collection request. You must kill 1 Willow and collect 1 Solid Trunk, and kill 3 Stem Worm and collect 3 Tough Scalelike Stem, as well as killing 3 Savage and collecting 3 Mane. Once you have done all that return to Sangpil to receive your Small Brush.
  4. Now that you have the brush head to Payon22166 and speak with Papyrus to make some Paper. He requests you kill 10 Mandragora and collect 10 Stem as well as killing 2 Poring and collecting 2 Sticky Mucus.
  5. After doing those killcounts and collecting the items, return to Papyrus who gives you 1 Soft Hanji and tells you to collect some ink before returning to ChulHo. This means you must kill 5 Octopus Leg, 1 Giant Octopus and collect 1 Ink Ball.
  6. Once complete you may return to ChulHo and receive 1 Chulho's Portrait.

Note: When you come back the next day to repeat the quest just skip step 3.

Rewards List

Tiger's Energy!!

2022 Lunar New Year Event
Base Level: 20
Item(s) (Consumed): 5 Chulho's Portrait
Quest Prerequisite(s): 5x Portrait that repels a bad luck
Item(s): 1 Big Tiger Hat
  1. Talk to New Year Headgear Machine at Malangdo166139 and hand in 5 Chulho's Portrait. ChulHo will explain there is a hole in the machine and that is why it didn't work. He requests you find a Witness.
  2. Speak to Witness at Malangdo189135 and he says his were stolen too and directs you to Northwest Malangdo.
  3. Head to Malangdo64237 and speak to Clueless the dog. He has stolen all of the prizes and refuses to return them. Chulho draws a new prize for you and gives you 1 Big Tiger Hat.

Note: The next time you have 5 Chulho's Portrait you should be able to turn them in directly to the New Year Headgear Machine for the hat.

Delicious Takoyaki

2022 Lunar New Year Event
Base Level: 1
Item(s) (Consumed): 11538.png Fresh Octopus Leg
Item(s): 12646.png 10 Donut
  1. Bring Fresh Octopus Leg to Mimyo malangdo206145 in Malangdo. Once Mimyo receives 2,021 Fresh Octopus Leg from the server, there will be a server-wide announcement stating the beginning of the festival. The festival lasts until the supply of Fresh Octopus Legs runs out and Mimyo requests another 2021 of them.
  2. At Malangdo164130 interact with the Delicious Looking Food or Well Roasted Octopus Leg (you can only pick one).
  3. A Fresh Octopus Leg will be consumed for 10 Donut. Come back in 30 minutes to get more donuts.

Try to find the taste of hometown

2022 Lunar New Year Event
Base Level: 20
Item(s) (Consumed): 11538.png 10 Fresh Octopus Leg
25502.png 5 Rice Cake
12646.png 1 Donut
Hunting: 5 Octopus Leg
2 Peco Peco Egg
10 Chewy Rice Cake
Item(s): 23683.png 1 Lucky Bag

22538.png 5 Hanbok bag

  1. Head to the Payon Inn Payon219112 and Hyul will automatically talk to you.
  2. Talk to Hyul again, twice, and help him clean the mess.
  3. Check out the Cauldron Payon225109. It allows the player to create 2 items:
  4. Talk to Hyul and he'll want to deliver the Hyul's Special Rice Cake Soup to his mother at Payon229151
  5. When you speak to his mother you will be rewarded with 23683.png 1 Lucky Bag and 22538.png 5 Hanbok bag
  6. You may return to Hyul and the Cauldron the next day to complete the quest again.

Lucky Bag Drops

Mob Drop List

"Chewy Rice Cake"

Octopus Leg

Giant Octopus

12647.png Ink Ball Drops