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Acorn Exchange Quest

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Acorn Exchange Quest
Base Level: ?
Item(s) (Consumed): 1026.png 20 Acorn
Item(s) (Not Consumed): 2707.png 1 GUSLI (After Step 12 of the Finding The Moving Island Quest)
Quest Prerequisite(s): Finding The Moving Island Quest
Item(s): 733.png 1 Cracked Diamond

724.png 1 Cursed Ruby
1 Random Gemstone

1. Travel to Whale Island.

2. With 20 Acorns in your inventory, speak with Huge Squirrel (mosk_fild01 113, 108). There is an NPC that sells Acorns in Moscovia (208, 182) for 100z.

3. Huge Squirrel will trade a Cracked Diamond, a Cursed Ruby, or at a much lower chance, 1 random gemstone, for your acorns.

Gemstones that players have received include: