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Alchemist Item Gathering

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Alchemist Item Gathering
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 612.png 5 Mini Furnace

1003.png 5 Coal
7068.png 5 Burnt Tree
756.png 3 Rough Oridecon
757.png 3 Rough Elunium
974.png 1 Mixture
7043.png 5 Fine Sand

Zeny: 2,000
Item(s): Random Ore
  1. Go to the second floor of the building in southwest Juno yuno48105 and talk to Bhagine yuno_in01103157. Choose "I will help you gather it" and the NPC will ask for the following materials:
  2. Return after gathering all of the items and Bhagine will begin to synthesize. Upon completion, a random ore (e.g. Iron Ore, Gold, Steel, etc.) will be rewarded.