Summoner Event (2009/02/24) ~ (2009/03/10)

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Summoner Event (2009/02/24) ~ (2009/03/10)
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): Varies (See Table Below)
Quest Reward(s): Ability to fight an MVP


  1. On the 3rd floor of the Geffen Tower, speak to Summoner (Summoner Geshalt).
    Summoner Geshalt.jpg
  2. His summoning books have been stolen by Clepto-Cal and he needs them returned. He last saw Clepto-Cal headed for the castle to the west.
  3. At Glast Heim you will find Clepto-Cal at the following locations, players will either obtain a book or not, Clepto-Cal will summon a rideword if a player successfully obtains a book or a myst if the player does not obtain a book. After you find him at location 1, he will move to location 2, likewise from 2 to 3 and so on.
    1. Glast Heim (glast_01): 199, 350
    2. Glast Heim (glast_01): 199, 302
    3. Glast Heim (glast_01): 60, 104]
    4. Glast Heim (glast_01): 193, 122
    5. Glast Heim (glast_01): 369, 299
    • note: it is not actually necessary to kill the monster Clepto-Cal summons.
  4. After his books are returned to him, speak to Summoner Geshalt again, he will display a list of MVPs to choose from (5 at a time).
    • Selecting "I want a different mob." or "A different mob!" will display another set of MVP's.
    Selecting an MVP will display a list of items Geshalt will need to summon that MVP.
  5. After going through all 7 lists, a dialogue will pop up with the options "What do I care, jerk?" and "I'm so sorry!".
    • Note: Players selecting "What do i care, jerk?" will receive an OBB and be killed by Geshalt and the quest will be over.
  6. After gathering and delivering the items needed for the desired MVP, talk to Geshalt again. If you wish to have friends come help, he will ask you to set a four digit password. Anyone you wish to have join you will need to click the NPC just north of Geshalt and enter your password to enter the room.
  7. Players will have 9 minutes to defeat the chosen MVP.

Summoning Materials

Summoning Materials
MVP Items
Amon Ra 10 Flame Heart 5 Star Crumb 100 Trap
Baphomet 5 Yggdrasilberry 30 Antelope Skin 3 Evil Horn
Dark Lord 200 Skel-Bone 30 Skull 20 Live Coal
Detardeureus 10 Dragon Tail 75 Dragon Scale 75 Dragon Canine 1 Three-Headed Dragon's Head
Doppelganger 2 Contorted Self-Portrait 40 Arrow of Shadow 50 Horseshoe
Dracula 250 Horrendous Mouth 100 Wing of Red Bat 5 Cursed Ruby
Drake 200 Skel-Bone 5 Amethyst
Eddga 150 Bear's Footskin 5 Flame Heart 20 Tiger Panty
Egnigem Cenia 25 Handcuffs 10 Steel 25 Research Chart
Evil Snake Lord 50 Arrow of Shadow 30 Shining Scale 2 Old Magic Book
Fallen Bishop 150 Brigan 15 Old White Cloth 15 Memento
Golden Thief Bug 250 Insect Feeler 30 Yellow Gemstone 1 Ora Ora
Gopinich 10 Witherless Rose 2 Treasure Box 3 Crystal Mirror
Gloom Under Night 30 Suspicious Hat 20 Bloody Rune 1 Will of Red Darkness
Hatii 30 Ice Cubic 100 Claw of Desert Wolf 2 Frozen Rose
Ktullanux 100 Glacial Heart 1 Frozen Rose 1 Ice Scale
Lady Taynee 10 Royal Jelly 200 Solid Peach
Lord of the Dead 1 Shining Stone 150 Horseshoe 30 Holy Water
Maya 1 Armlet of Obedience 30 Round Shell 10 Great Nature
Memory of Thanatos 1 Fragment of Misery 1 Fragment of Agony 1 Fragment of Hated 1 Fragment of Despair
Mistress 300 Bee Stinger 16 Honey 2 Rough Wind
Moonlight Flower 20 Nine Tails 5 Topaz 5 Flame Heart
Orc Hero 75 Ogre Tooth 200 Orcish Voucher
Orc Lord 75 Fang 200 Orcish Voucher
Osiris 1 Contract in Shadow 100 Rotten Bandage 10 Poison Arrow
Pharaoh 50 Witch Starsand 100 Holy Water 1 Gold
Phreeoni 50 Dragon Scale 10 Tongue 5 Star Crumb
RSX 0806 200 Battered Kettle 100 Used Iron Plate
Samurai Specter 75 Broken Shuriken 30 Large Jellopy 15 Destroyed Armor
Stormy Knight 10 Ice Cubic 5 Aquamarine 2 Mystic Frozen
Tao Gunka 100 Iron Ore 10 Stone Fragment
Turtle General 100 Turtle Shell 10 Ice Cubic 10 Burnt Tree
Vesper 200 Cogwheel 100 Metal Fragment
White Lady 100 Black Hair 2 Crystal Mirror