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Back to School Event (2006/09/19) ~ (2006/09/26)

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Item Requirements:

NPC Father Daughter Grandmother Mother Son
Items 1 Jacket<br\> 1 Sandals<br\> 1 Poring Doll 3 Spawn<br\> 30 Jellopy<br\> 10 Empty Bottle<br\> 5 Garlet<br\> 20 Grasshopper's Leg<br\> 5 Chrysalis 5 Dead Branch<br\> 6 Meat<br\> 10 Acorn<br\> 1 Puppet 10 Worn Out Page<br\> 2 Memory Bookmark (iRO Name - Bookclip in Memory)<br\> 3 Lava 10 Yellow Gemstone<br\> 10 Blue Gemstone<br\> 10 Red Gemstone<br\> 10 Holy Water<br\> 10 Cursed Water<br\> 10 Star Crumb

NPC Locations:

NPC Father and Daughter Grandmother Mother and Son
Location Lutie, to the right of the Christmas Tree Morroc, to the right of the South Kafra NPC Juno, north of the South-East Kafra NPC